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Rain, rain, go away...please!

Eeek.  Getting a little scary around here.  It's been raining for about a week straight.  Today a mom and her one year-old twins & three year-old had to be rescued when their car was swept off the road & into a creek nearby.  My poor neighbor (home on bedrest with her one and four year-olds while her DH is out of town) just called to say that her basement is flooding.  DH is getting her a new sump pump as we speak.

Okay, rain, you can quit anytime!  Indifferent 

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Re: Rain, rain, go away...please!

  • That sucks!  That's really nice of your husband to do that for them though!  Discovery had an article last week talking about how weather patterns are more stagnant this year, but they mentioned something about it being expected to shift around the end of April, so there's hope!
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