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Labor playlist recommendations?

Hi Ladies!  I'm looking forward to my very first baby (and very first natural childbirth experience!), and wondered if any of you had any recommendations for music to play while laboring.  Is it best to choose only very relaxing music?  Or are there times when it would be nice to find a peppier selection to move around to?  I would appreciate any advice you have to offer!



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Re: Labor playlist recommendations?

  • I didn't have anything "peppy". I used hypnobirthing, so we used a mixture of the hypnobirthing tracks and my favorite music. Mostly soft rock and country. Lots of Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Corey Smith...just lots of chill stuff. I wanted everything chill and calm...(I didn't make a peep until pushing).

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  • I had a nice relaxing playlist all set up but never used it. We had my favorites on and we spent the labor singing and goofing around.
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