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Putting rice cereal in bottle

Is it ok to put a tiny dash of rice cereal in bottle.. my child is 11 weeks and i'm being told it may help him sleep better. He is taking 6-7 oz of formula every 3hours.... will this help?

Re: Putting rice cereal in bottle

  • I have heard of lots of ppl doing this but then read recently online that it wasn't helpful. I am curious to know the truth so plan on asking my pedi in 2 weeks at our 8 week appt.
  • We put a teaspoon per ounce of formula in DD's bottle.  She is 8 weeks old.  We do this to help with her acid reflux.  I can honestly say that adding the rice cereal to her bottle has not helped her sleep any longer or be hungry less often.
  • I have read and was told specifically (by my pediatrician) not to add cereal of any kind to my DS's bottle.

     It doens't help them sleep longer and their bodies aren't ready for cereal so early on...

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  • I put a tsp of rice cereal in all of N's bottles to help with his reflux and works great. As for sleeping longer, he's actually now sleeping 7 hrs a night but I don't think it's because he's fuller but because he's more comfortable and his reflux isn't bothering him so much. During the day he still eats the same.
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