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I thought I was already bloated!

It seems like since I found out I was pregnant I have had a constant PMS type bloat. I'm kinda chubby already and I just feel like I'm carrying around a water baby, haha.


This morning I get up, go to slip on my tie-up sweat pants which I can normally slip on without tying, and they get stuck! I untie them, pull them up and try to redo them up and they are soooo tight. I was just wearing them a few days ago! I'm scared about going to go put on my jeans before work now, haha. I'm not ready to not fit into anything, especially within a few days! I'm glad I did keep all my clothes from when I lost almost 50 lbs last year, I hope it saves me some money. I have to laugh though, my face in the mirror as I tried to get my pants up was pretty priceless, haha.


Anyone else get the bloat this suddenly?

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Re: I thought I was already bloated!

  • I put on a pair of dress pants that are normally kinda big on me for work yesterday, and they were somewhat tight.  I had a red ring around the belly from them.  Today, I opted for dress capris that are big, so I am nice and comfy.
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  • I also lost 50lbs last year and am right back to putting on my 'bigger' clothes again because of the bloating!


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  • Luckily it's getting warmer here, so I've been getting into the sundresses.  When I tried to wear pants on Monday I felt so bloated it was beyond uncomfortable.  Thank goodness for warm weather.
  • I feel you sister. It's like every night after dinner I get this ridiculous air bubble in my belly and I look like I'm more like 7 months prego instead of just 2. What is up with that? It seems to only happen in the evening though. I'm trying to cut out dairy and wheat to see if that helps.
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  • UGH - the bloating is driving me nuts.  I am also lookin' like a 4 month pregnant woman as my DH says.  God Love him!  in the morning, its not so bad--but by bedtime..i have the largest bubble making my belly pop out its crazy!


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