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When will you tell your boss?

For you working mamas, when will you tell your boss? I'm planning to wait until the end of 1st Tri, but my boss and I are close and we're a satellite office (just the 2 of us and a p/t intern) of a small department. So now I'm leaning towards after I see a heartbeat. I'll be taking 3 months leave right about the time our intern graduates and leaves (oops!), so there will be planning to do.

What will y'all do?

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Re: When will you tell your boss?

  • I work in small office as well. Just 5 us including our boss. They all know, they knew we were trying, and well when the smell of shrimp about made me gag the other day they all kinda guessed. So they are aware. However, she doesnt know that I am not planning on returning after the baby is born. Embarrassed

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  • image littlemonster417:
    However, she doesnt know that I am not planning on returning after the baby is born. Embarrassed

    I don't think this is unusual. It would make it very awkward. I'm sure as long as you give them plenty of notice you'll leave on good terms. Smile

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  • I planned to wait until the end of 1st tri with my first, but ended up telling him around 8 weeks because I was SO freaking exhausted and couldn't do some of the things I needed to do. We'll see how things go this time around.
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    Lyla Margaret , June 7, 2009 Tavis Tutty, January 5, 2012
  • My boss is the manager of human resources. She has no children and seems to be against them as she never seems pleased when someone in the company announces their pregnancy.

    I will get a year for mat leave leaving at Christmas so they will have to find someone to fill in for me - which she won't be happy about either.

    I wasn't planning on telling her for a few months, but I'm leaving a lot for appointments and this morning spent a bit of time in the washroom. Plus she's caught on that I'm not drinking coffee.

    So I'll probably end up telling her sooner than later.

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  • I had to go ahead and tell them at work, only the few people that needed to know. I work in Law Enforcement and I have to quailfy with my weapon next week. So I had to let them know that I won't be participating and had to submit paperwork excluding me for the rest of the year.
  • Ideally, I'd like to wait until the second trimester but if I'm feeling bad it may have to be sooner. 
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  • Thanks everyone. I think I'll go ahead and tell her after my 7/8 week apointment. It will make it easier to start navigating the labyrinth of paperwork that leave involves at my company. I'm sure she'll be excited, anyhow.
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  • I was going to wait until the 1st trimester is over, but that will be after school has let out for the summer...  So it will probably be the last week of school in June, after the doctors appointments and everything.  I am having a harder time not telling people this time around though, it's just going to burst out of me soon, lol.
  • I told mine at 5...right after I found out because I had told a couple of people who had suspisions before I was able to test.  Figured it wasn't good form to tell the floor Admins and my work friends but not my boss.

     We're going to wait to announce to the whole world until the end of May/begining of June, including his very emotional grandmother.

  • I am going to wait as long as I can. I would love to wait until the end of the first tri, but we decided to tell friends and family after we see a heartbeat.  HOPING this happens at our appt May 23rd (I'll be 1 day shy of 8 wks, so we are hoping!) So, I think word will get out, and I want my boss to hear it from me.
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