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Bathroom issues (tmi)

Good morning ladies! I'm new to this board as I usually post on the if board. I am only 4 weeks pregnant but I've been feeling like I have food poisoning since Sunday. I have no appetite, cramping, and when I make myself eat I have to run to the bathroom right away because of diarrea (sorry tmi). I've been drinking gatorade to stay hydrated but feel awful. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anything helped? Thank you and sorry for the yucky details.
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Re: Bathroom issues (tmi)

  • OH yeah...7-8 weeks ago, I could've written that verbatim!  Everyone was complaining about constipation!  NOT me.  Now, at almost 12 weeks, I go back and forth.  I'll be constipated for 3 days and then boom! I can't keep anything in my system.  Here's hoping these "crappy" probelms work themselves out!Stick out tongue
  • The week before last, I COULDN'T go....then last week, I couldn't STOP going...I guess my bathroom visits will average out.  GL !!
  • Ugh that happened to me too girlie when I was in my 3rd 4th week...It got to the point where I was terrified to eat anything. I no idea what was up until I got my BFP and then it went away (thank god). It does get better...Like you I loaded up on the gatorade and just made a point to eat more fibrous foods....
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  • So relating. Constipation to the cha cha, I can't seem to get regular. However, on Easter Sunday almost right after we had dinner, I had the worst cramping ever, like I was birthing a baby cramping and then I broke out in a cold sweat and felt like I was gonna pass out from the pain, then cha cha, but like it was stuck. It really scared me because I thought I was miscarrying but it was just poo. Anyone have this happen? It was the weirdest thing.
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