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What do they do?

I know that this is a very 'sick" and upsetting question, but what is done with our babies when we miscarry or in my case, have an ectopic early on in our pregnancy.  I was only 9 weeks along and I know that the baby wasn't very big, but it keeps running through my mind on what they did with it.  Did they just throw it in the trash?  I can't really think of anything else they would do, but the thought of my baby in the trash makes me sick.  Does anyone know what they do?

Re: What do they do?

  • It really depends on the facility.  I believe that the large majority of them will be disposed of a biological waste as they would with any other tissue they would remove from the human body. It doesn't get thrown in the trash as in the normal trash, if that's what's on your mind.  There are laws that prevent that.

    I know that some facilities will provide the remains to the families for burial or cremation, but I think that's generally if it's later in the pregnancy (though I could be thoroughly mistaken.)

  • The hospital gave me a pregnancy loss packet and it said "it is our policy that any fetus or fetal tissue will be buried."  Went on to say that it's taken care of by the hospital in conjunction with a local funeral home and to call for more information.  I'm sure it varies by hospital though.
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  • Your question isn't sick or upsetting.  I called the hospital before I brought my tissue in to the lab to find out what happened to it.  I just needed to know.  At the hospital I went to, all of the pregnancy tissue is put together and cremated.  I was told that since there is so little tissue, there aren't any ashes or anything left over. 

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  • Maybe I'll call them to find out.  I am worried though that if they did just throw it away in a biohazard container that it would make me feel worse, maybe it would be better if I just don't do anything.  I'm not sure.
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