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Vent - Frustration with the universe

Sorry if this gets long, I just need to get my frustration out somehow.  DH and I have been talking about having babies for a while now, but it seems like every time we get close something happens that pushes it farther away.  The first time, his company went under (and so did his job).  By the time we had recovered from that and gotten our plans back in place, his grandma passed away and he just wasn't emotionally ready.  He recovered from that, but now we're going to end up moving across the country in three weeks and starting new careers (which is a long story in and of itself), and the baby thing just got pushed back again.  Based on how long it took us to recover financially from the last period of unemployment, my guess is that its going to be at least a year until kids are on the table again.  I know it's going to happen, and I know it'll be great when it does, but I really do wish the universe would cut us a break and at least get us stable jobs. Or turn off my biological clock, that'd be a good alternative.   

Anyway, sorry for being whiney, but thanks for letting me post!  

Re: Vent - Frustration with the universe

  • that sucks! Why will the move mean you're pushing back ttc though? You mentioned recovering from unemployment like that's what you're facing,but you also mention having jobs. Or am I just confused?
  • DH and I went through that for a while. It was all minor stuff, job shifts, school shifts, but he'd go "I can't even think about kids now" and TTC dates would get pushed back or taken off the table all together. It's frustrating, but it will eventually sort itself out. Promise.

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  • This also seems to be happening to me except its baby #2....after some marriage trouble we got back on track and was going to start trying in Nov. 2010 and then in Oct. I lost my job. Got a new job and was going to start trying this past March and then it was announced that my company is being sold to Ebay! So annoying!! I know I need to wait and see but I dont want to push it back any further...granted getting pg right now would cause a lot anxiety at the htough of not knowing what my job situation will be in a few frustrating!
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  • Sorry, that was a bit confusing.  The move will mean pushing back ttc because (a) I have to find a job since I've been in law school in another state and am anticipating that even after finishing the bar exam, which won't be till August, that it'll take me about a month or so to get into a steady job and then another two months until health benefits kick in, and (b) even though DH pretty much has a job, its still a waiting game for them to hire him on full time instead of as a contractor, so he wouldn't have health insurance either.  Plus the move itself will cost a significant amount of money, not to mention the rent increases.  Part of me knows that money isn't the be-all and end-all, but I'd sure like to have insurance to pay for getting my IUD removed :)
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