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flying with a toddler question

So we won't be traveling with DS soon (going when he's 24M) and I was wondering does anyone here know the rules for flying with a toddler? Will they allow me to bring his car seat? Will be able to sit in his car seat? Any tricks for making the trip easier?





Re: flying with a toddler question

  • If you purchase a seat for him (which I think you have to do if he's 2) then you can take your carseat on the plane (assuming the carseat is airline approved).  When DS was 14 months old we took his carseat and he was so much more comfy in that - but he has never had a problem being in it so I guess that depends on the kid. 

     ETA: the flight attendants weren't allowed to help us install the carseat on the flight so make sure you know how to install it using it a lap belt b/c that ended up being a bit of a pain for us!

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  • Once your child turns 2 they must have their own seat - so if they are 23 months when you fly out but 2 when you return, they must have their own seat on the return flight. You can use your car seat as long as it is FAA approved, but you don't have to use it. Another option is the CARES harness, which is a 5 pt harness. They can also just sit in the seat with the belt.
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  • We buy a seat and bring on the carseat (Britax) and use it. She stays strapped in pretty much the whole time we're seated with a DVD player and books and does great. We found it very easy to install (we just looped the seatbelt thru the plastic holes on the bottom. I recommend a carseat bag with wheels on it (ours also has backpack straps) to get it thru the airport.

    Also, bring plenty of diapers (5-7 more than you think you need) and tons of wipes. We bring a DVD player with movies (new ones are best), and a couple of small new toys from the dollar bin. Don't forget to bring tylenol and an empty sippy (fill up after security). We also bring a few of those baby food pouches with yummy fruit flavor (like the Plum Organics mango ones) to use to suck on during takeoff and landing to help pop her ears. We also bring a cheap umbrella stroller and gate check it. Super easy.

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