best breast pump out there?

So I am trying to find the best breast pump system. Anyone have any opinions / favorites? I want electric and the faster the better as I will be attempting to work a few days a week after having my boy and plan to breast feed. My breaks are very short so this will be hard but I am going to try anyway.

Re: best breast pump out there?

  • Ameda and Hygeia are great brands.  They both are closed systems, so you can even buy a used one (just buy new accessories - tubing, flanges, bottles).  I think Ameda's are generally more affordable than Hygeia's.  They're both usually much cheaper than Medela pumps and Medelas are open systems, so there's the chance of getting moisture in the tubing and ending up with mold in your motor. I replaced my Medela PISA with an Ameda Purely Yours and I prefer the Ameda.   

    You want a double electric pump since you'll need to pump quickly.  As far as speed goes, you can adjust the suction and speed on the pumps to whatever settings your body responds to best. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • I rented a Hygeia and really liked it. I haven't tried the Amedas, but I have heard good things.  There is a Lansinoh double electric that is very similar to the Ameda, and is supposedly the same motor.  Hygeia has a much better warranty (3 years instead of 1 year that most others have).
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    I have no knowledge/opinions about the ones PPs mentioned so I don't mean to negate what they say, but I love my medela freestyle. It is SUPER portable and small, and therefore great for work. I think it would be easy to set up and take apart if you have short breaks. But it all depends on what your body responds to best. It's not a cheap model.
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