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It's a Boy! (we're pretty sure!)

At my NT scan we were able to see some pretty obvious anatomy.  The tech said she couldn't guarantee it, but she was very confident that we were having a boy.

 Has anyone else found out so early and then been told differently later?

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Re: It's a Boy! (we're pretty sure!)

  • Congrats!!!  I found out at NT scan also (12 weeks and three days) and the MD was 95% sure it was a girl.. When I went back three weeks later he said 100% GIRL, so YES it is very possible that they r correct :)  Enjoy the news!!! 
  • Congratulations!

    I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks 5 days and my doctor guessed boy.  I have my anomoly scan on May 3rd, so I will know for sure if my doctor was right.  I'll let you know!

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  • Congrats! We had an ultrasound at 17.5 weeks and they said 90% sure it was a girl. At 22 weeks they confirmed.

    Usually they're more comfortable saying it's a boy, because it's easier to prove that 'something' is there than to prove that 'something' is not there. Smile

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  • I would not trust that at 13 weeks. The earliest you can even think about being able to tell is 15 weeks. At 13 weeks, everything still looks the same on a male and female.
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  • At 14 weeks they were pretty confident I was having a boy, and it was confirmed at my next ultrasound. =) Though at 14 weeks they said it could have been the umbilical cord but they were right with me!
  • image WashingtonQueen:
    I would not trust that at 13 weeks. The earliest you can even think about being able to tell is 15 weeks. At 13 weeks, everything still looks the same on a male and female.


    THIS. there's even the whole "angle of the dangle" theory to try to distinguish the thing you see at 13 weeks!! 

  • If a good dr. tells you that he is 95% sure what it is, he's prob right. I was told I was having a girl at 13 wks last time (they were right). And I was told I'm having a boy at 13 wks this time. I had a 4d u/s done by a specialist..he told me he was 99.9% sure.. he blew up the genitals..it was clear as day. He said he has certainly never seen a female with that kind of definition before. Saying the earliest you can even "think" about telling is 15 weeks is false. I think people just dont believe you can tell earlier b/c they weren't told earlier. Of course there is always a chance it's not right..and there will still be a chance it's not right when you're 20 weeks or later. And I wouldn't be quite as convinced if it was just an u/s tech telling you..

  • You should page Dama on July or PGAL...she was told the wrong sex at her NT scan. In a post about it, there were another four or five people out of twenty or so replies that were also told wrong. I wouldn't personally bank on anything before 15-17 weeks.
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  • I was also told at 12 weeks I was having a boy and it was confirmed at my anatomy scan at 20 weeks!!  Although I did see some pics online of male and female parts at that stage and they look almost identical so I'd wait to buy anything blue or at least keep your receipts! 
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  • Thanks for the input everyone!  We are just window shopping for now & waiting patiently for the 18 week u/s.  The u/s was done with a high resolution u/s by a perinatology u/s tech.  There was a lot of definition. :-)

    The perinatologist who reviewed the u/s also referred to the baby as our son, so that's a good sign.

    I'm fine either way - I absolutely love having a little girl & I'd love for her to have a sister, but I think DH will be a little sad if it is another girl.

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  • I was at a specialist and told at 13 weeks it is a boy. With my first pregnancy at 14 weeks they wouldn't tell us anything other than " I don't see anything" so they said it could be a girl but it was too soon. They were right and it WAS a girl... she looked nothing like how this one does in the ultrasound at almost the same time. That was at the same office. But, this time it was looked at by the dr and two techs and they all agreed that yes it's a boy... I go back at almost 19 weeks so we will see what happens! :)
  • I think it is way easier to tell the sex at a u/s if it is a boy. My first two sons I had the u/s at 14 weeks and was told boy both times...they are still boys :) This one I was told at 13 weeks 1 day that it was a boy......I have been to 2 more u/s since and they still give me the infamous photo of his penis with an arrow pointing at it :)
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