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Refuses to nap in crib?

Does anyone have this problem with their baby?  Lena is coming up on 5 months now and for the longest time she slept in her crib just fine.  We started putting her in it when she was a couple days old.  When I'm with her on my day off or on the weekend, she naps in there for a long time (1-2 hours at a stretch).  My mom watches her during the rest of the week and she absolutely refuses to sleep in there.  My mom has resorted to putting her back in the swing just so she can get some sleep.  Same issue every time:  rocks, swaddles, bottles her, and she's out like a light.  As soon as she lays her down, she wakes up crying.  OR she'll stay asleep but wakes up in 15-20 minutes crying.  My mom's tried a variation of CIO with her during the day but she will NOT calm down after extensive bouts of CIO so my mom gives in and she passes out in the swing immediately.  Any thoughts on why and how to break this cycle?  She's a long baby and her legs dangle out the end of the swing.  She can't keep this up much longer!

Re: Refuses to nap in crib?

  • DS has never napped in his crib, only sleeps there at night. And he only naps in his swing. Sorry I am no help but I understand. And I'm very jealous that your LO at least used to nap in the crib. I hope you get a lot of replies because I am interested on how to get DS to nap in the crib too.
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