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what do you know about pink eye?

I'm pretty sure DS has pink eye today.  He woke up with lots of crud around his eye and it's slightly pinkish and swollen.  I did a bit of googling and it sounds like it can last a really long time. This would be his first time getting it...

Please share any stories you have so I can prepare myself for what the doc says this morning!

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Re: what do you know about pink eye?

  • DD had pink eye about a month ago.  Her pedi gave me drops to put in her eyes twice a day for 10 days.  Eye drops + an 18 month old that doesn't like getting her face touched on a good day = horrible.  Good luck.
  • Sounds like pink eye. DD had it when she was around 6 months old and her eye just looked watered over had goo in it. Lucky for us she was still young enough that she wouldn't really fight having the drops put in (I can't imagine trying to do it now with a wiggly toddler!). I think after 2-3 days of the drops it started to go away. Good luck!
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  • ok warning this maybe gross I used  breastmilk to cure pinkeye( has to be fresh). It worked  overnight   good luck
  • I've had it myself, but my daughter never has. Are the whites of the eyes red/pink? Or just around the eye? Very often there is goop, but not always. And it is VERY very itchy. Antibiotic drops will clear it up quickly, but getting the drops into a little kids eyes & keeping them from touching their eyes & sharing the bacteria will be your biggest fight. GL!
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  • Oh, I know lots.  DD and I have had it several times this year.  :)  One of the children in her daycare class got it and it took a while before all of the kids were without it.

    One way to really tell if it's pink eye - pull the lower lid down. Is that area "beet" red? If so, it's probably pink eye.  If it's not, it's probably something else - like if he's congested, it can cause watery, goopy eyes. Also, it is extremely contagious. Usually a dr will tell you to put the Rx drops in both eyes b/c it almost always spreads to the other eye. Wash your hands lots. Also, once you start the drops, it almost immediately starts to look better (but continue the drops for the full 10 days). And, 24 hours after starting the drops, it's no longer contagious. BUT, keep in mind that there is an incubation period of a few days, so someone could have gotten it from LO even before his symptoms started to show. Once you start drops, LO's eye(s) will start to feel better immediately. I know, because like I said, I got it twice from DD this  year.

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  • Thanks, everyone.  I did pull the lower eyelid down last night and it was not beet red, just pinkish but this morning the whole white part of the eye looks irritated and pink.  He is almost constantly congested and last week was more on the heavy side so I know this might be part of that virus. 

    Although I'm also hoping this is something we can fight with antibiotics so keeping my fingers crossed we get a prescription from the doc.

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