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those w/2 (or those PG w#2)

Any tips for how to deal with pregnancy fatigue?

I still have 3 months to go, but I feel like I did when I had 1 week to go last time. I'm completely wiped out by around noon each day. I have a hard time taking naps (always have), and I also work p/t so it's not always possible. I'm not drinking caffeine, and it doesn't help w/the physical exhaustion anyway. I do exercise as much as I can, but the fatigue is keeping me from doing much of that anymore. 

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Re: those w/2 (or those PG w#2)

  • I am dealing with exhaustion. I just try to power through it. However, there are times I give into naps.  I hope for you it subsides some.  I chew sugarfree gum when I'm tired and it helps keep me going sometimes.
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  • Really, I would try to lay down and rest when LO takes a nap.  Other than that, just grin and bear it.  It is tougher when PG w/ #3 because my oldest no longer napped!!
  • I just laid down every chance I got even if I didn't fall asleep.  I would just rest and watch TV.  My DD slept a lot so it was easy to have time to rest.  I also had a lot of family that helped by coming over and chasing DD for me so I could sit down for a moment. 
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  • Just go to bed as early as you can every night. I'm 3w 6d from my due date and my DS is only 15 1/5 mo and very very active so I know how you feel...and now I'm way more uncomfortable than I think I ever was when pg with DS. I'm also decaffeinated, so I feel ya'! I go to bed at 8:20 every night...8 if I can!!
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  • Ditto going to bed as early as you can.  With #1 I napped from 4-8, then did stuff for school until 11-12 at night (I taught full time through each pg and went back 6 wks after.) 

    With #2 that wasn't possible, but I could nap when the oldest was napping on the weekends and in the summer. Going to bed early was key.  Not that it was easy, but I got through it.

    With #3, it kicked my ass and of course I had 2 little ones.  On weekends and summer I took advantage of "2 hour quiet/nap time."  The rest of the time I just pushed through.  Sometimes it sucked.  A few times I just couldn't do it all (DH is gone a lot for work - works several jobs) and I had a good friend take the kids outside and run around with them while I rested or cleaned.


    Just do what you can. Don't stop exercising even though you feel you don't have enough energy for it.  I did that with #3 and it was a bad idea.

  • Even if you can't fall asleep, just laying down will help your body feel better - I would do that when you can and let housework go.  Get extra help from DH.

    If you be sitting down, sit down.  If you can be laying down, lay down. 



  • let me know when you find

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  • I am a napper, so I just sleep when DS sleeps if I am really tired.  I also drink a little caffeine to help give me a kick start.

    Luckily my DS is great at playing by himself, so if I am really exhausted I just lay on the couch and watch him play.

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  • I still have 4 months to go, and the only thing that really works is trying not to overdo it. I try to pick him up the least amount possible. Maybe sit down before picking up, changing diapers on the floor, stuff like that. The more I can sit and watch him the better I feel. Also, exercising really helps keep the energy up. I put him in the stroller and we walk for 30 min to an hour almost everyday.

    If I start dragging in the afternoon, that is when housework is done until DH gets home and I sit on the floor and play with DS. I think if you slow down when you get tired and get off your feet that should help. And exercise before you get tired instead of waiting. Have you thought about eating more protein? If I remember correctly, protein helps maintain energy and stamina.

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  • I'm going through the same thing right now!!!  I work full time, though.. and am out the door with my LO at 7:15 every day (I'm a teacher... nonstop all day).. and my DH doesn't get home until 10:30.. so I'm on my own afterschool with her until bedtime... Bathtime is getting ridiculously difficult.  I try to sleep when she does.. and am usually in bed by 8 or 9 on school nights...Only problem is insomnia at 2-3 am.. b/c of going to bed so early!!!  and it is a cycle b/c I'm exhausted the next day,... and so on... I was convinced I had GD or something.. but the test came back fine... Good luck.. you're not alone.


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  • I'm in the same boat.  I also work part time so I can't nap everyday, even if I could I have a hard time sleeping during the day.  On the days that I am home with DD I usually try to lay down for even just a half an hr while she naps.  Even if I don't fall asleep that 1/2 hr of rest sometimes helps.  Also make sure your iron isn't low.  Aside from that there really isn't much else that I know of.  You just don't have the down time that you had before the second time around.


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  • LI444LI444 member

    I'm right there with you.  I'm not a napper, at ALL, but I make sure to lie down after LO is down for his nap and that helps a lot, because I usually end up falling asleep.  Wearing an eye mask to block out light and using white noise helps me to fall asleep a lot.  Without those two things, I doubt I'd be able to nap during the day.   Going to bed early is probably also a great idea if you're able to.

     Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the fatigue when I'm pregnant again (we'd like three or four kids) and the oldest is done with naps.  That sounds really really hard.

    Also agree with pp that your iron could be low?  Mine is very low and I'm on a supplement, not that I've noticed it helping my energy level. 

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  • Definitely stay with the exercise I am trying to do the same thing.  Also my OB recommended an extra B6 supplement a day.  I take 25-50 mg extra per day and it is supposed to give you more energy (my prenatal only has like 2.5 mg).  And I also agree with PP about using a sound machine, blackout shades, etc that will help you relax and fall asleep.  I use white noise in both our bedroom and my LO's bedroom and we all sleep well. 
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