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Our five year TTC mark is coming up fast; so as you can probably imagine we're running out of hope. Andd.. we're desperate. Well, I'm desperate.. DH is my rock, so he doesn't show it. My question is: what are some herbs, therapies, or other types of alternative medicine you do or know of having a decent success record? I'm willing to try just about anything but, I'm really looking for something to improve egg quality. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!! ( : Thanks in advance!

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Re: Alternative Medicine?

  • Just read your blog and watched that video, heart breaking! I dont have much to suggest, but I have been going to a fertility acupuncturist for the last 4 months and have had chinese herbs Rx'd. I feel like the combination helps, I can say that my chart is reflecting better than it has in the past! Keep your chin up girl! your such a strong woman and you will get through this! good luck my dear!

  • Are you against traditional fertility medicine?  Most of us are well past using herbs and acupuncture.  Five years is a long time.  I can't believe your ob hasn't referred you to an RE by now.

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  • Oh no, we've been seeing a specialist for almost four years. (off and on because my husband is military and deploys). But, my body is "clomid resistant" and nothing else seems to be improving my egg quality so I'm looking for other outlets.

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  • A chi gong specialist or Tong Ren Healer


    The man who created tong ren literally saved my life last year no one knew what was wrong with me and I constantly could not breath. He has also cured people of stage 4 cancer and infertility.


    there are healers all over country and world



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  • Also something else that I think is invaluable go on a total organic diet be militant about only eating organic also stop eating beef. Alway opt for free range poultry. And stop eating sugar. I did all these things and my body started cooperating a little better. I am not saying this is going to cure u but u might want to see what happens. In terms of myself if someone said walk on coals and drink pom nine times a day I would do it. I am very into alternative therapies as they have really helped me. I have very serious health issues and 90% of the time its the alternative medicine that has helped/cured me. That doesnt mean I dont have a drug store in my handbag at all times.


    Also yoga in particular Iyengar yoga. Also many fertility clinics give fert yoga classes. But in Iyengar the poses are therapeutic and they can do certain series for whatever problem you are having.

    TTC #1 Since July 2010 w/ severe medical problems DX Prolactinoma 2007 3 m/c 2/11
  • I have no idea what physical shape you are in, but do you excersize?  It can help. A little everyday.  Something as simple as walking 30 mins 5 days a week. Maybe you already do this or more. Every one of my Drs have said that it will only help our bodies to function better.

    My husband always says that there is birth control in the water too.  The truth is there are pharmacuticals in all tap water.  If you want to be REALLY caucious, then only drink bottled. I'm not that rich, so I still drink filtered (with all the pharmacuticals.)  And we really did have a specialist come and test our water in our home and he agreed.  There is a $10,000+ system you can buy that will take it out.  Again, I'm not that rich.

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  • @LindzK

    I'm definitely not in perfect shape, but I do work out for an hour at least four times a week and yoga whenever I'm super stressed. I don't drink, I don't smoke, have never done drugs, I get ample amount of sleep every night.. I DO drink tap water though. And I live on the Gulf Coast so it's hard telling what all is in the water down here! I know I am on the younger side.. but we all know when it comes to eggs, unfortunately, it's only going to go down hill from here. Like I said, I'm desperate! lol

    I've read that if you take melatonin before you go to sleep at night it increases your chance of success at IVF by 50%. And I've also heard taking Dong Quai, fish oil, Maca, and Royal Jelly can help, as well. I just found out today that there is an alternative medicine shop in the next town over, so I'm definitely going to check that out and ask for their advice. Also, I go in a couple weeks to get another referral for a new specialist in New Orleans so I'm going to ask my doctor. (although, he's a navy doctor.. aka, a glorified LPN).

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  • I bought this book when I was TTC the first time.  It's called The Infertility Cure.. pretty popular I think.. at least I heard about it all over the place.  It's by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. It's based on Chinese medicine and the entire book is about getting pregnant and having healthy babies.  

     I read this book from cover to cover.  I sincerely believe in alternative medicine.. although I do think that these types of things take a long time to have a big impact.. I do think they have an impact though.  I found this book to be really really interesting.  It just made me look at things in a way that I had never looked at them before.  

     I have PCOS and it honestly made me realize how the things we do affect our bodies and how much of an impact our hormones have.  An interesting thing I remember reading was about losing a lot of weight while taking a low estragen bcp in regards to PCOS.  I could not believe it when I read that because I lost 100lbs while taking Yasmin which is exactly that and it was a couple years after that when I started having PCOS issues.  Just weird things like that. I don't think it's necessarily the root cause but I still thought it was pretty interesting. 

     There's everything from supplements to diet to exercise to massage.. everything in this book.  I really liked it and found it to be helpful.  I think it also gave me peace of mind.. just knowing that I was actually doing something. .no matter how small it was and even if it never impacted anything .. just made me feel like I was being more proactive and taking better care of myself.  



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    I think acupunture got me pregnant. I have no other explanation. I went once every two weeks (all I could afford, or I would have gone every week) for about give months.

     It's not painful at all. I would try it.

    good luck.

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  • I am a firm believer that Chiropractic care combined with acupuncture got me pregnant. The meditation, alone,  that acupuncture provides helps with the stress of ttc. Good luck! 
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  • We have 2 couples that are good friends.  One of them had been trying for 5 years to concieve, they did 5 rounds of clomid, 6 failed IUI's and looked into adoption.  They heard about the lady below (the link) and figured they had nothing to lose.  They went and saw her twice a week for 3 months and got pregnant in their 4th month with her.  Their daughter will be 1 in a couple months.

    They referred this lady to another couple who had been trying for a few years and that couple got pregnant within 2 months of seeing her.

    Both of the women have said if they had it to-do all over again, they would have gone to see her first before going through all the medical tx they did.  This lady is pretty popular in KC for infertile couples.  I'm not sure how it could help you, but maybe looking into it more.  I've never met this lady, but I keep hearing her name from people.


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  • It would be good to post an intro/your background so we kind of know where you are with everything.  It helps for those who are in similar situations to give advice.

    I've heard good things about CoQ10 for egg quality.  But I would highly recommend acupuncture, I really believe that it helps (and studies done in connection with IVF show that there are higher rates of success when doing acupuncture in conjunction with treatments).  GL :)

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  • Here's the short story of my background:

    We've been TTC for 5 years. I don't drink, smoke, exercise regularly, zero caffine (h20 and OJ is as heavy as my drinking gets). My body is "clomid resistant". We've done, I believe, seven cycles of IUIs in the past year and a half. Other than crummy egg quality and irregular cycles, they don't know of any other reason as to why I can't get pregnant. Everything is fine with my husband, his work ups have always came back perfect. In 2007, I had a pretty large cyst on my ovary and had a laparoscopy. That's about the gist of it.

     I went today and got some Dong Quai, Maca, Royal Jelly, and Omega-3 fish oil. My husband comes back from deployment in approximately three months so I figured I would start these now so they have a chance to build up in my system. My fingers are crossed! and I thank everybody for the well wishes! ( :

     OH, by the way.. does anybody know how much acupuncture usually runs? Our insurance doesn't cover it and none of the bases around here offer it.

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