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its been a while, and I need some help!!

So, DH and I had sex last night and im 6dpo, which really shouldnt make any differance, but it hurt like hell!! Every position we tried he was hitting my ute and it hurt so bad! I felt a lot of pain around my left ovary every time he thrusted too. When he finished, I noticed light pink blood all over my vage and leg! Now im freaking out!!! Is this something I should worry about? I dont have any pink/red discharge this morning, and there is no pain. Ive never experianced this and dont know why my ute felt so low. Anyone else experiance anything like this! TIA!!

Re: its been a while, and I need some help!!

  • Haven't felt it to that extreme before, but after ovulation, your cervix is very low.  The little bit of bleeding was probably from that trauma to your cervix during penetration, but i wouldn't worry about it.  It can be very painful, especially to one side.
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  • ok, I was frantic doing research last night and i did come across something that said that did mention "trauma" to the vage can cause some light bleeding. I was more concerned about the pain in the ovary area. ECTOPIC pregnacy was the first thing that came to my mind! but i dont have any pain today so ill just wait i guess. Thanks for your response!!
  • Hi Eboom :)  Haven't seen you in a while.

    I hope your painful sex was nothing to worry about.  I haven't spotted due to sex before, but I have had pain.  I have a feeling it was more due to full intestines than actual pain in the uterus.  Could you have needed a good poo?  (If that's TMI, sorry).

    Hope you're well, dear!

    ::runs off to stalk your blog::

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    Hey stranger!! I haven't had anything like this happen to me but wanted to say sorry about your experience and hope all is better now. Oh, and I wanted to say "Hi" too!!

    HEY GOOD LADY!! Thanks for checking in on me! Yeah it was the most painful, uncomfortable sex ive ever had!!

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