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1st acupuncture appt today!

I'm nervous and excited. Any advice? What should I expect? Happy Ending?!?!!! Lol
I might have to wait, I'll never give up image


Re: 1st acupuncture appt today!

  • No advice, but good luck :)

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  • Let us know how is goes! I'm interested in trying it as well, GL!
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  • That's exciting!  I'm not sure how your Acupuncturist works but mine did some meridian stress testing on me on my first appointment.  She also went over all my medical history and how I have been feeling lately.  I was really nervous at first when she started putting the needles in me but honestly they did not hurt at all and I couldn't even feel them.  I hope you enjoy your first visit.  GL!

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  • vpinevpine
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    My 1st appointment I was asked questions 1st: how are bowel movements, how regular is period, are you typically cold or hot, any allergies, any surgeries, how long been TTC, etc. She checked my tongue (make sure not to brush before you go to appt) and checked my pulse. Afterward, the actual session was 30 mins, the only needle I felt was the one close to my knee which is normal, a small pinch.

    Since I am naturally cold and my temps are lower than 97, she suggested some herb/pills to take 3 times a day and put warmth on my body during session. I go once a week, definitely helps me relax.

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  • Just relax and keep an open mind. You barely feel the needles when they are going in and shouldn't feel them at all once they are in.  Typically my acupuncturist places the needles then lets me relax with them in for 20-30 minutes.  I've gotten to the point where it is so relaxing that I end up falling asleep.  My acupuncturist took a pretty extensive health history initially and had a few dietary and activity recommendations too.  I've been going for about 4 months and have noticed amazing improvements in my chart.  Higher overall temps, longer LP and beautiful obvious ovulation shifts. Have you read "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis? That book was my inspiration to begin acupuncture rather than start western fertility treatments. It is a great introduction into eastern medicine as it relates to IF.

    My biggest advice is that if you don't have a good experience find another acupuncturist...don't given up on acupuncture altogether. GL!

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  • You should expect to have a LONG talk with your acupuncturist! They should ask you everything about you thats normal, abnormal and obviously what youre looking to get out of the treatments. I have been going to see a fertility acupuncturist for about 4 months and she RX'd me some chinese herbs too. The herbs seemed to really help regulate my bowels and help me have more energy. Make sure you eat something at least two hours before the treatment because you dont know how your body will react to the treatment. Ummmmmm what else.... Oh, the needles are nothing like blood draw needles, so dont worry about that, they are super fine and they are just tapped really quick into place and then you dont feel anything! Good luck with your treatments! I feel like they have helped me!
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