Who had a singleton first?

My DD is 2 and now I'm expecting twins! I'm sure this has happened to lots of you! Did you register for everything you don't have? Did someone throw you a shower? I'm going to announce my pregnancy this weekend and want to be prepared for anxious family and friends! Btw, DH and I plan to buy the big stuff - crib, car seats, double stroller.


Re: Who had a singleton first?

  • I dont know the answer to your questions, but I am in the exact same situation as you!   I already had a few friends offer to throw me a sprinkle (little shower) but I dont know if I should register for gifts or not...   I dont want to seem greedy since this isn't my first child, but there is also lots of things we need that we dont already have 2 of.    Hopefully some other 1+ Twins Moms can chime in to help us out!
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  • I have two big kids.I did register but did not have a shower. The registry was mostly just so I had a list somewhere of what I needed in case I went on bedrest,it would be easy for someone else to go grab it all.
  • I did not register but I did have a small shower with only a few close family and friends.  They knew that we wanted money or diapers.  We bought the extra big things our self.
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  • I have a DS singleton but he is 11yrs old, so we are really starting over again - with twins! I did register and was given 2 showers (1 my husband's staff gave for us and the other was by my besties). I would register, so you have a list of needs and if you need to send someone to pick up your for you - you have it done. Also, maybe friends or family want to do a shower or if someone wants to get you something they know what you need. Just my opinion.

     best wishes!

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  • my friends threw me a "sprinkle" - and almost everyone brought diapers... a few brought matching outfits. It was very low-key and small - i loved it!

    there isn't much more you need other than 2 car seats, double stroller... one more high chair, another bouncy seat, another bumbo (if you use those).... We managed with 1 swing b/c only one of them really liked it.  I would not expect a shower of any type - and if you do have one, wouldnt' register or anything.

    I registered only to get the coupons and to have a list for myself- i never told anyone about it.

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  • Thanks everyone!  I was leaning towards not registering, and this settles it!  
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  • I had very generous friends who already had one or two children themselves and they gave us a lot of things like extra carseat, swing, and LOTs of clothes. We bought at a twins sale two matching rocker/bounce seats, and double snap and go. We bought a double stroller from CL. My friends also threw me a "sprinkle" where we got a lot of gift cards, diapers, and some matching outfits. We did not register but I kept a amazon wish list for myself.
  • My DD will be almost 2 when the twins are born.

    I am SOOOO against having a shower for second children.  That being said, my family is throwing me one.  I am so thankful that everyone wants to be so generous but it is a bit of a pill for me to swallow and I feel greedy.

    However I am lucky enough to have triplet nieces and my SIL is giving me so many of the big items (extra crib, bouncy seat, triplet stroller, etc).  I have made a registry at the request of those throwing me the showers but it is mostly small items (extra crib sheets, swaddle me's, burp rags, changing pad covers, etc).  There are a few big ticket items on there, but that is just for the coupons.

    I guess we will see how it plays out.  I'd just be pleased as punch if everyone just brings diapers!!!  LOL

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    Thanks everyone!  I was leaning towards not registering, and this settles it!  

    I'm just lurking but when we have another I will register, just for the completion coupon, you can save alot of money!

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  • By the time I finally got PG, my son was 4.  Our dropside crib had been recalled.  Our carseat was expired.  All of the clothes we could have reused were the wrong season (O was born in July, the twins in February)  I didn't intend to have a shower, but when one was thrown for me, I didn't complain.  We were starting over almost from scratch.  We bought the big stuff ourselves, but really appreciated the help we had filling in the gaps. 

    I started a registry on amazon to keep track of what I wanted to get for myself, and when people started asking about it, I just sent on the link.  If they're asking, I'm not going to pretend it doesn't exist!  

    As it is, somehow people decided I needed towels.  I got no fewer than 20.  Fortunately with receipts so I could return it for something I needed more.

    Btw, the Fisher Price Rock and Plays didn't exist when O was a baby and they have been AWESOME.

  • My DD was 13 months old when we found out we were expecting twins!  My friend threw us a shower and family was amazingly generous.  We did register for stuff, mostly so we could keep track of what we needed.  People ended up getting us a crib, mattress, car seat, pack n play, boppy, high chair, two bedding sets, and lots of clothes!  We bought another crib/mattress ourselves (we kept older DDs crib in her room as it is converted to a toddler bed), double stroller, two swings (such life savers!), and odds and ends.  Everything worked out great because a friend gave us another bouncy seat so we didnt have to buy another one of those.
  • We registered just to keep track of what we needed to buy. Nobody asked us for it and we never gave it out. nobody offered a shower or sprinkle, but we have gotten gifts after we sent out birth announcements. For us, people have all bought clothes, usually small sizes that currently fit. So don't go overboard stocking up on clothes early, unless the stores are about to switch seasons.

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  • I did not register and I did not want another shower but, a few very close friends did insist on throwing a sprinkle.  I only agreed to three or four friends and family being there and I got to choose the wording of the invite.

    This is what the invite said:

    Pins, diapers bottles galore

    ____ and ____ and expecting two more

     Big Sister has plenty to share

    This is only a "spinkle" to show that we care

    Please join us to celebrate before the babies are due

    This time they're expecting pink and blue 


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  • DS1 was 27m when the twins were born.  My mom bought a few things but that was it.
  • We have DD who is 2 1/2 and our twins, who are almost 12 weeks.  Some friends insisted on a shower.  I only agreed if we did a book shower - everyone bought books.  Some books were for toddlers, some for younger kids.  It was fabulous. 

    For the stuff you need, don't forget to check out consignment sales.  You can save a huge amount of money there!!!

  • DD is 3 and I'm completely against second showers.  I will register, but just to keep myself organized and for the completion coupon. 

    I plan on sending out baby announcements once they are born.  I know close friends and family will buy me stuff earlier on, but I don't reaIly expect anything other then clothes and diapers from everyone else.  I'm also going to ask my close friends who are done having kids if they have any baby stuff that they want to sell me or get rid of.

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  • We didn't register per' say....we made a list of things we knew we'd need more of...and if people asked if we needed things then we told them. KWIM?

    We did not do another shower...I think it is a location thing...Im in MN and it's not really acceptable to have another shower.

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