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Dear Lord, please send DH back to work

I love my husband, I really do. He's a really great guy, really he is. But he is off of work for Good Friday and he needs to go back. Now.


Who in the world decided it would be a good idea to give him a day off when I have two final projects, four quizzes, the chapters and an exam to finish and finals to study for?


I was working a job that I could not continue while pregnant, so I decided to ramp up on my freelance work and go back to school. I realized that I would have to leave work 6 months before I'd even have a child (tried a temp agency to fill in the gap - they were useless) and I could finish all of the classes I needed to complete a degree I'd been thinking about that weren't offered online in one semester. That only leaves 7 classes - all available online next year while I'm home with the LO.


So I'm trying to do this semester's final projects. These are all kind of middle level IT classes. I hadn't been in school in about 5 years. I have baby brain. And my husband will not leave me alone and keeps telling me that I'm being grumpy every time I happen to wander through on the way to the kitchen and don't want to watch what "cute" thing he's gotten the dog to do or listen to why my computer mouse doesn't work.


Oh yes, I made the mistake of telling him that we needed to pick up a couple of new computer mice because two of ours are completely worn out - but one I can work with. He's disassembling the other one now. He wanted to discuss with me exactly why is was not working correctly. I don't care. It is worn out. I know enough to know that they were both broken in a way that was not fixable by anyone who cares as little about fixing them as I do.


I don't have time to entertain him (though I do, apparently, have time to come here and vent, but I guess some things are just necessary). How does he ever get anything done at his job if he thinks that this is the level of concentration normal people need?


I know, I know, he's the reason that I can afford to just go to school and pick up freelance work right now. He's wonderful and caring and understand and.. and... I am going to kill him if he's off on Monday. Please don't let him be off on Monday.

Re: Dear Lord, please send DH back to work

  • Oh, have I been there! I work from home and every time there's some sort of holiday and DH is off, my whole day comes to a screeching halt. I'm never able to get anything done because he's constantly seeking my attention in one way or another. I love him and he's wonderful and I wouldn't be able to do what I do without his support both financially and emotionally, but my god, he can be annoying! 

    He gets 12 weeks (!!!) of paternity leave once LO finally makes his appearance and I'm wondering how on earth I'll survive with my sanity intact. Hopefully the baby will be a good buffer and I'll be able to get stuff done (I plan on taking on a slightly modified workload once he's born, but I'll still be busy), but who knows!

    I suppose an absent, non-attentive jerk would be far worse to deal with, though. Wink     

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  • Thank goodness I am not the only one feeling this way!  Mine announced that he was taking 2 months off after #2 is born to "help out".  Though I appreciate this so much, once I get into a routine I fear that he is going to start to drive me insane!  I guess I will have to think of lots of things he can do to "help out" and keep him busy so he doesn't have a chance to get bored!
  • I'm sorry, I know they can be disruptive, but, ladies!  How many girls have to give birth alone and have no support when their lo's are born!  My DH has been home for a few months with work being slow, and it does take some adjustment!  But now that I have massive hip/pelvic pain and can barely walk he doesSO much stuff around the house!!!  Anyways, sorry for being disagreeable, I just had to say something in praise of husbands who care.  Bless them!
  • My husband is a pain in the butt when he is home. He is like an attention starved child! We have two little boys and I am pregnant with our final child, a girl! He keeps saying I cannot wait until this pregnancy is over, and why is he saying that??? Not because he is excited to see her, or happy that I will finally be off bed rest and be able to enjoy life again, no. He is ready for me to give birth so he can take leave from work! His exact words were " You need to hurry up and have her because I could really use a break from work." I just didn't even know what to say to that. He seems to think that his leave from work will be a vacation for him. He plans on playing video games and laying around for a few weeks. I informed him that the whole reason he gets paternity leave is to help me! Ugh :/ I just do not know what I am going to do with him!
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