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Male or Female OB?

Which do you prefer? I guess it's just personal preference but I am having a hard time narrowing down my search! Any thoughts would be super helpful!

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Re: Male or Female OB?

  • I have a midwife. If I had chosen to go with an OB, I would not have cared if it was a girl or a guy.
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  • Mine is Female.  She was my gyn before my OB and knows me well.  I do know people who went to her and but after the male OB at the same practice delivered their child they stayed with him.  I am not sure it matters too much as whoever is on-call delivers your baby, unless it is during the day.



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  • I see a group, so my doctors are both male and female.

    I haven't cared all along, but this last month I've preferred the female doctors- smaller hands for those painful internals =P

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  • I have had better experiences with male OBs although I would use a female OB if I found one that I liked.
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  • I have been to both. I didn't like the male OB. I didn't like his personality at all. I love my Dr. now and she is a female. I really doesnt matter to me, I just happened to get along with the female better and I trust her.
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    I see a group, so my doctors are both male and female.

    I haven't cared all along, but this last month I've preferred the female doctors- smaller hands for those painful internals =P


    LOL! OMG I didn't even think about that! I called a office for a male OB, he had really awesome specialties (according to the hospitals website). They are going to call me back and let me know if they will accept me since I am 36 weeks but honestly now I am nervous. Our first appointment (I will be 37 weeks then) will consist of him doing an internal. UGH! 

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  • For me it's about their attitude etc.  My current ob/gyn is the only male I've ever had but he is also my favorite!  Sorry, that probably isn't very helpful....

  • I have a female midwife, but at my old OB's office actually the best one there was a man in his 50's and he was by far the best dr at the practice, I had no problem seeing him.
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  • I have a female OB just because this is my first pregnancy and my first appt with her was also my first papsmear.. makes it a little less scary! Then again though my OB is not guarenteed to deliver my baby. it all depends on who is working that shift so a male ob may be there which doesnt bother me any
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  • I don't think what's between a doctor's legs has anything to do with the kind of doctor they are.  I used to think a female ob/gyn would be a better and more caring doctor because they have vaginas themselves.  Now that I have more experience with ob/gyn care, I don't believe that at all.  In fact, in my own encounters with ob/gyns, the men have generally been more empathetic than the women.  

    I think what matters most is a doctor's clinical skills and how you feel about them.  If you can't get comfortable seeing a male ob/gyn, then obviously that's a factor. 


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  • I've only been to female doctors in my adult life, but that's really more of a coincidence than anything else.  I find that most OB's around here are female.

    It's funny though because all of my family that is a generation ahead of me always refers to my doctor as a "he" until I correct them. I think they are just used to the world of male OBs and female nurses!

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  • I never thought for a second I would use a male but the practice I found had two male OBGyns and I really like their attitude. They did however just merge with a female and another male dr and I have to say I do not like the female dr. Not very sympathetic and I have heard that about her and several female Drs. I find my male dr's to be very calming and sympathetic to say the least. I obviously can't speak for every female or male dr out there but thats just who I have had dealings with. I have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the unsympathetic dr deliver LO with my unsympathetic DH!!!!!! 
  • I'm in a group practice. It's about 7 women. I'm not sure I would mind having a male OB, but I definitely like the women in my ob practice. 

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  • Mine is a guy and I love him!

    He's straight to the point without all of the scare tactics/over-worrying/paranoia my female perinatal dr. seemed to do in my first pregnancy.

    He's also compassionate without being dramatic.

    If I had a female OB with a better personality I don't think it'd bother me. I just stick with the male I have because we share a similiar philosophy, delivered many many babies and I naturally trust him.

  • I prefer female.  When it comes down to it, I really don't care that much though.  A male OB in the practice put in my mirena, and I actually really like him.  I wouldn't mind if he were the on call doc when I go into labor.
  • Female. But there is one male in the practice, so if he is on call when I'm in the hospital, I'll just have to deal with it, but I've never had a male doc ever go "down there."
  • It isn't a factor for me. I've had good and bad doctors of both sexes. I'm currently seeing a male doctor and he's awesome. Very warm and caring and easy to talk to.

    I will say I've had more bad experiences with male doctors so until I met my current OB I was a little biased. It wasn't right though and now I try not to let their gender or sex influence my opinion of them.

  • I personally prefer women OBs and Dr.s in general so all of mine are female. I am at an all women's practice now.
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  • No preference.  I've had both

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  • Yeah I go by personality more than anything. I've seen both male and female OBs and right now, mine is male and he's great.
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  • For me, it depends much more on the doctor's individual personality and philosophy than their gender. I have an amazing male OB who is very low-intervention, which is what I want. The female OB in his practice is much more in favor of interventions in pregnancy and labor. I much prefer seeing him.
  • Personally I stick to female ob/midwives. I started this pregnancy with an Ob group of all women docs and have since switched to a midwifery practice of all women.  Fortunately, we are in a big city with lots of female doc/midwife options. I did see one female gyne a while ago who I didn't like so after one annual visit, I just switched.

    I swore off male ob/gyns after a couple bad experiences. When I wasn't pregnant, I had an episode of horiffic, debilitating pain--which I suspect was an ovarian cyst bursting, but there's no way to confirm that after it bursts. The male dr did an exam the next day and said, "well, you are gassy--are you sure it wasn't gas pain?" I realized he would NEVER understand. Another time w/this doc, I had a UTI that cleared up but I was still having pain & rather than help with a referral or pain med or anything, he basically said there's nothing he can do. I was his gyne patient & I think he was totally focused on his ob patients.  I'd been with him 10 yrs prior to this for annuals and I trusted him, so I was so disappointed that the two times I really needed him, he was clueless.

    I had another male gyne when I was in college & I felt like he tortured me at my one & only visit (for a pap).  I had never felt so violated & was physically/emotionally pained for a few days (I was new to paps & didn't realize they didn't have to be that way).

     Anyway, as long as I can find a female who I like/trust, I'm sticking with the gals.

  • i definitely prefer female, but that's only because having a woman 'down there' is slightly less stressful than (i think) having a male would be. i have serious anxiety about anyone seeing me like that, even FI. it's just something i'm not comfortable with - medical or personal. that being said, you bet your @ss i'm dreading labor. :|
  • With DS I went to a practice that had 6 OBs, 3 men and 3 women.  I thought at that time that I preferred the male docs- not sure why, maybe because my whole life I've had male doctors and I have just become accustomed?  Anyway, one of the female OB's ended up delivering me (with the assistance of a female resident, and female nurse) and she was WONDERFUL.  So- no preference this time around really, but I will say it was nice having the perspective of someone who had actually been through labor and childbirth themself.
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  • I've had both and I prefer male. They're far more sympathetic!

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  • I have had both and my current OB has been the best by far and he is a male.
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  • There are 4 doctors in my practice (2 male and 2 female). Both female dr.s, DH and I like enough. One male dr. I can't stand since he was really short with me when I called the emergency line a few Sundays ago while I was in tears. The other male dr. we love. He listens, is thorough, has a good sense of humor, and takes the time to answer all of our questions. Needless to say, the dr. we love has cut back on his on-call hours. I've had a good experience with both male and female and like pp said, it matters more that they're good at what they do and you feel comfortable with them, not that they are a man or woman.
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  • I prefer Female OBs who have had children.  They are just more patient and understanding because they know what its like to be pregnant and deliver babies.  
  • I went to an OB office with 3 males and 1 female doc. I rotated through each and when I went into labor I saw whichever of the four were on call that night. Thankfully, my favorite male doc was oncall and he did a great job. However, next time I will go with a midwife. I just feel like when it comes to female health I am more comfortable with a female doctor. Men will never experience childbirth.
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