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So DD is 5 days old already! I can't believe it! My dr said I had a third degree tear and I didn't ask anymore. I figured knowing the details would make it worse. I was just curious how long it took everyone else to heal?
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Re: post baby care

  • I have no idea if I'm truly healed but a week and a half PP I could finally sit down without whimpering. I had a 1st degree tear.

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  • I had a second degree tear and still feel pain when sitting. The itching is what is killing me.
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    I have no idea if I'm truly healed but a week and a half PP I could finally sit down without whimpering.

    This is me all the way.  I didn't have any tearing since my doctor did an episiotomy on me, but it was a good week & a half before I could sit down normally.


  • I had a second degree tear both times and the first time it was about a week before I felt mostly normal and with this one it was probably 3 or 4 days. 
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  • I have a 3rd degree tear as well.  I feel a whole lot better the last couple of days but still pretty sore down there.  I think another week and I'll be feeling completely back to normal.  I want to start working out!!

    EDIT::: I don't know why my siggy won't change but I'm 9 days pp. 

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  • i am at 2 1/2 weeks and feel like I'll never be back to "normal."  I have good days and bad days but am still in a ton of pain.  I had a pretty bad episiotomy and tore a bit too... i have no idea how many stitches.  As bad as it is though... so worth it  :)

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  • With DD 1 I had an episiotomy that required what I can only assume was 10 million stitches since it took as long to repair me as it did to push her out. After about 2 weeks I stopped feeling sensitive and pulling when I sat down- but at my 6 week appointment I still wasn't cleared for sex, that took another 2 weeks.
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