3rd Trimester


I am due in just over 4 weeks & I feel like its still too early to make her crib up.Only bc dust mites or potential small spiders. I mean I know people who were 3 weeks early & I know its a possibilty but I feel like its too early. What do you all think? Should I just wash & then before heading to hospital toss fitted sheet in dryer?


  • I washed DDs stuff about 5 weeks early and placed everything in her dresser. She arrived 4 weeks early, so it worked out that it sat around for a week (in the drawer). DH helped make her bed up and we were good to go.
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  • Agree with PP.  I washed all the sheets and mattress pad covers - storing them all in the drawers.  I may decide to make the crib up when I'm less than a week due.
  • I did the same. I washed everything but put it all away in dresser. I couldn't imagine having to ask DH to do all tje washing after the baby's here, now all he has to do is throw them on before we get home.

  • I washed everything weeks ago and made up the bed.  Then I put a blanket on the very top.  I'll rewash the blanket because that's been sitting out, but everything else has been covered.  
  • I washed everything and put it in my linen closet. I've already made the crib with a sheet, but he'll be sleeping in the PnP bassinet for a few months before I move him in there, so it'll get changed before he actually sleeps in it.

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  • Over this last weekend I made up the crib, just cause I wanted to see everything put together. But I actually didn't wash any of it yet. After we get home, DD will be in our bedroom in a bassinet. So I washed those sheets and they are in the linen closet. They'll be tossed in the dryer on high heat and then put on the bassinet mattress after we get home. Before we use the crib I'll wash the linens there and remake the bed, but I just couldn't leave the crib mattress all bare in this beautiful little bedroom for the next 4 weeks!!!
  • mine are washed and the bed is made... I'm not doing anything else before she sleeps in it.

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