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xp: Labor Dust Please!

I'm 40w4d today and just got back from a very disappointing MW appointment.  Last week I was 75% effaced and barely dilated.  This week I was exactly the same.  My MW could not get through my cervix to try stripping my membranes like I had hoped she'd be able to do.  I have a NST scheduled for Monday and a BPP will be done either Thursday or Friday of next week.  If I'm still pregnant, I'll go in to start the induction process either Saturday or Sunday (the 30th or 1st).

I've officially mentally broken down.  Physically I can handle being pregnant for another week and a half but mentally I cannot.  On top of all this, my friends and family are constantly bugging me about when this baby is going to come (as if I was keeping her from them!). Please send me some labor dust to get this show on the road because I REALLY don't want to have to face an induction!
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