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I need some encouragement and advice!

I am currently 38 weeks 3 days and have struggled with low platelets for a little over a month.  They started dropping drastically and hit a grave new low (61,000) yesterday.  (my normal is 200,000) My midwife told me 3 weeks ago that it looked like I wouldn't be able to get an epidural, so I have read hypnobirthing and different things online since.  I honestly had never even thought about a natural birth.  I see myself as a bit of a wimp and really didn't think I could do it.  I am now confident that I can deliver naturally (even thought we haven't had time for a class).  I was almost even grateful for being forced into natural childbirth because if I don't have a choice, I will have to succeed! :) ... but yesterday's new platelet count has changed everything. 

They are no longer comfortable waiting for her to come.  If they were to wait any longer, it looks like my levels would continue to drop and I would have to get a platelet transfusion and still risk bleeding from various places (eyes, nose, ears) during labor and destroying my uterus.  So, I'm going to be admitted to the hospital tomorrow and given cervidil and then my midwife will see where to go Saturday morning.  She will see how I'm looking and either break my water or start a low dose of Pitocin or whatever she thinks is best.  I'm overwhelmed, though!  I was actually really starting to look forward to laboring at home and the whole process and Pitocin and laboring entirely at the hospital make this so much more scary! 

Have any of you been through this?  I've been reading these posts for the last couple of weeks and have learned a lot and I seem to remember at least a couple of you have labored naturally with an induction.  Do you have any advice?  My husband is amazing and will be an incredible support.  I am 1 cm and 75% effaced.

Re: I need some encouragement and advice!

  • You can do it! I was induced at 36w2d. due to slowed gestational growth I had cervadil inserted 2 different times and then went on the pitocin drip. After I maxed out twice, my midwife broke my water. (It was MY idea to get the second "dose" of pitocin.) Once my water was broken, my body took over and everything happened relatively quickly. DH was a HUGE help and support and I would not have been able to do it without him. I listened to my hynobabies tracks when I was there (we took the class) and I was able to zone out through most of the discomfort. The labor was pretty intense from about 11am - 2:47 Pm when DD was born. The strange thing was, it didn't seem like 4 hours at all. The pushing stage was 30 minutes!

    I didn't want to be induced and I certainly did not want to give birth in the hospital, but I had great support from my mw and the l&d nurse and my dh.

    Make sure your DH is on board and ask him to support you even if he thinks it is totally hokey. I don't know if I would have been able to do it without him...


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  • So sorry that things are not going as planned. However, that is the first lesson of parenthood...things never go as planned. Big Smile

    You will be able to handle whatever is thrown at you. Women are alot stronger than they think they are. You will find yourself in childbirth. You will meet a whole new person...and I don't just mean your baby...I mean you.

    Share your fears with your midwife and bring an extra support person with you if you can. You can do this!


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  • Since you're full term, can you try any other methods to try and bring on labor? Like nipple stimulation, sex, castor oil, etc?
  • You can do it! My best advice is to move as much as you can and just take everything one contraction at a time. Don't focus on how long it's been, how long you have left potentially, etc.  Things can change all the time so just go with the flow.

    Labor in water as much as you can, even a shower feels like HEAVEN (at least it did to me). 


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  • Thanks guys!  I really appreciate your encouragement.  The anticipation is rough!! I just want to get this show on the road! :)
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