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Better Day

Well, I woke up this morning and I was actually in a good mood, which is a HUGE change.  I went to see the doctor for the horrible abdominal problem I had after my ectopic, and they actually gave me morphine.  So, that helped last night with the pain, but either that or something I ate made me really nauseous, so I went to bed before 11, which is early for me.  DH was actually nice yesterday, except for yesterday morning, so that was nice too.  (TMI) We even were able to make love last night, which was very nice, I love how close it makes me feel to him.  So, please pray for me that things will continue to look up.  Oh, I did have one setback in my morning.  When my ex brought my son back he FREAKED OUT, which he has never done before.  He actually ran out the door and out of the apartment to my ex's car!  I had no idea what to do.  My ex brought him back and I just held onto him so that my ex could leave.  When he left I offered my son some pop, he loves pop, and that and Mickey Mouse calmed him down, but I have no idea why he freaked out, he hardly ever pays attention to his father leaving when he comes home!  It was so weird and it made me feel so bad because I felt like he didn't want me.  :( But, on a positive note, since my ex has my son this weekend for Easter he invited us to go along with the Easter Egg Hunt that he is taking my son to, which I thought was very nice.  And he even sincerely told me that he was sorry about the loss of the baby.  So that was really nice too.  All in all, yesterday was a good day and I hope that today is too.

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