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I know all babies are different but when did your LO to start sleeping on their tummy and rolling on their side and all that?

My LO picks his head up and all at tummy time but I just haven't thought of even putting him on his belly to sleep. Also, on occasion he will roll onto his side but it's been very rare. Should he be doing this stuff already or will it just come with time?

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Re: when..

  • My LO started rolling from tummy to back at 8 weeks which was shocking to us because it's so early.  DS1 rolled from tummy to back right at 3m.

    I never put DS1 on his belly to sleep and don't plan to with this LO either.  Sometimes I would come in to find DS1 on his belly sleeping after we stopped swaddling, but at that point he was the one who rolled from back to belly and could roll back if he needed to.

    It'll come with time.  It's really, really early for rolling and all that.

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  • I have been putting my LO to sleep on his belly for nights and days since he was 8 weeks.  I don't remember how many weeks he was when he rolled from his belly to his back but I know it was really early. 

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