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Wedding Poll

We need a fun poll on a Monday, a cold Monday here in Colorado.

So how about a wedding poll...

1. Where you married?

2. When?

3. Style of dress?

4. Colors?

5. Cake?

6. Fill in the blank....add another thing about your wedding

Re: Wedding Poll

  • 1. Negril Jamaica (right on the beach)

    2. April 21, 2007

    3. A halter mermaid style. It was awesome.

    4. Pool Blue.

    5. We had a reception the following month in Michigan. Our cake was chocolate with vanilla filling and vanilla with raspberry filling. It was very yummy. The outside was covered with the pool blue fondant and there were waves piped on the side with a huge white chocolate shell on top.

    6. I had one of my aunts embroid a swatch of fabric with my first name and wedding date. I sewed it in the inside of my dress on the bottom. I'm hoping to pass along the dress and have my daughter or DIL do the same thing.

  • 1.  Silverlake Winery     

    2. October 6th, 2007

    3.  You can see the top half in my sig, the bottom was that gathered cake frosting look (don't know the real name for it!)

    4.  Apple red, black and white

    5.  White with raspberry filling and chocolate with mocha filling, anniversary layer was pink champagne with Bavarian butter cream filling.

    6.  It was a gorgeous outdoor fall wedding!  I wouldn't have changed a thing about it!  Our DJ cut his hand while trying to catch a falling wine glass, he bandaged it up and kept on going though, he was awesome!

  • 1. new hampshire

    2. 07/07/07

    3. ummm- not sure

    4. sage green & white

    5. cake & cupcakes (many different flavors)

    6. our wedding was a dry wedding so people left SUPER early :)

  • 1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on the beach at the Springmaid Beach Resort.

    2. July 21, 2006 (the eve of the 5 year anniversary of the day we met).  Iowa Reception Labor Day weekend 2006.

    3. Halter style with beading above the empire waist

    4. Pool blue

    5. Two teirs with a chocolate and marble layer.  Covered in pool blue cream frosting and white scroll work on the sides.  The cake was made by my friend Nate who I have known since kindergarten.  The cake and frosting was flown down with him and frosted down there.  Thank God my wedding was a month before the 3 oz. liquids rule! (=  The cake topper was two little lawn chairs Barbie suntan lotion and sunglasses and brown sugar sand.

    6.  There were water spouts (tornados) over the ocean in the morning when we woke up.  Thankfully moving off shore and not on.  I had two friends miss the wedding because of flight issues the day before.  The wedding was at 10 am, noon reception, and swimming in the ocean by 2.  It was awesome!

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  • 1.  Cozumel, Mexico

    2.  March 11, 2006

    3.  Strapless fitted up top and bustled on the bottom.

    4.  Gold

    5.  White cake with raspberry filling.

    6.  We took a cruise with 70 of our closest friends and family from Galveston to Cozumel, then got married on the beach and made a long weekend out of it.  I want to do it again!!

  • I had two weddings.  One for military paperwork reasons, the other for family.

    1. Las Vegas & North Dakota

    2. November 13, 2004 & May 26, 2006

    3. Plain white halter/Strapless with lots and lots of beading

    4. Salmon & yellow

    5. Some boring white cake that I got all over me.  There was so much sugar in the frosting it felt like an exfoliant.

    6. I lectured the groom and his men about the importance of being on time for pictures...our hair appointments ran late and it was us girls that were a little bit late for pictures.  oops!




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  • 1. where?   Milwaukee, WI~ in a church

    2. when? June 23, 2007

    3. dress? strapless a-line~off white~lace asymmetrical overlay

    4. colors? green, brown, off white

    5. cake? yellow, buttercream frosting, fresh raspberry filling

    6. My something borrowed was a locket that was my gramdmothers.  It was the first gift my grandfather gave her over 70 years ago.  (they both have passed away).  I pinned it to the ribbon around my bouquet.  It was so beautiful.  Both their pictures were inside so it truly felt like they were there with me the whole day. 

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  • 1. Washington, DC

    2. September 8th, 2007

    3. Dropped waist, pick-ups, and sweetheart neckline (I had my dress custom made this way, otherwise, it would have been straight across) - my dress was one of my favorite things about my wedding. I was so in love with it!

    4. Pink and medium brown (latte)

    5. Half vanilla, half chocolate with dulce de leche filling (YUM) with fondant.  My cake was also one of my favorite things! We recently had our top layer on our anniversary and it was just as good as on our wedding day. 

    6. DH was born Christian, he's more Buddhist now, and I am Jewish. We honored all three faiths in our ceremony.  We had one of the most unique ceremonies I've ever heard of (and many of our guests said the same thing!) I was really pleased.  

     I've got photos of my wedding in my Knot and Nest bios!


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  • 1. Where?  Lewisville, TX in small historic chapel.

    2. When?  June 30, 2007.

    3. Style of dress?  Strapless with beading along top, gathers and small beading on bottom half.

    4. Colors? Black.  My gals came from four states and another country.  I just told them to find a black dress with a little bling and go with it.  It worked out great.

    5. Cake?  White buttercream icing with pink accents.  Bottom layer was Italian cream with raspberry mousse filling, middle layer was raspberry liquor, the top was chocolate liquor with the raspberry mousse filling.  I couldn't choose just one kind.

    6. We had our reception at the large occassion room at Sneaky Pete's Marina.  We were supposed to leave the wedding by boat, but it had rained so much that spring that when my brother went the day before the wedding to make sure we had three boat slips reserved, he discovered that the ramp to the docks was now under water.  It hadn't been just three days previously.  So, the afternoon before the wedding, I was scrambling to find a limo for a Saturday night.  Ended up finding a classic Daimler that worked out great.


  • 1. Where you married? Key West, FL

    2. When? 2/18/06

    3. Style of dress? stapless traditional, i guess

    4. Colors? green

    5. Cake? beachy reef looking

    6. Fill in the blank--the guys in my family through DH in the pool afterwards. 

  • Smile

    1. Bethlehem, PA

    2. 11/24/2006

    3. Strapless, asymmetrical waist, ivory

    4. Ivory & deep blue

    5. encrusted in sugar crystals so it sparkled in the candlelight

    6. We had dendrobium orchids cascading from high vases at every table, the table linens were ivory organza overlay, and the chairs were covered in ivory linens as well.  It was all creamy and sparkly.

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  • 1. Summersville, WV

    2. 5.6.7

    3. Tea length, ivory with lace overlay, strapless sweetheart neckline

    4. brown, pink and green with a hint of yellow

    5. 4 tiers, alternating vanilla and choco cake with various patterns on each layer

    6. it was outside and it rained like hell the day before when we were decorating and we had to tarp up the tents with painters plastic. i also left candy out on the tables overnight and had lots of ants the next morning at 7am when we went back to check on things!!! i also ordered my own flowers online and had them shipped to me :)

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  • 1. Holland, Michigan

    2.  June 9th 2007

    3. I wore two gowns: Ceremony gown was a cath. length antique lace gown in ivory.  Rec. gown was a very modern white satin dress with trumpet style bottom and low cut back.

    4. My colors were choc. brown and pink with a hint of green.

    5. Well this part was a disaster

    6. I had two beautiful wreaths made that hung on the church doors, these two were later given to my mom to place at my dads grave site, ( on the other side of the state) and one of my bridesmaids to place at her daugthers site ( this is a baby that she lost at 40 weeks)

  • 1. Issaquah, WA (about 25 min east of Seattle) - at the Plateau Club (golf club my parents belong to)

    2.  November 4, 2006

    3. White strapless with a red built in "sash" around the waste and red trim on the edges of the dress. 

    4. Autumn colors but mostly red and gold

    5. no cake, we had pie :)

    6. The power went out at our reception.... right as we were sitting down for dinner. Luckily the food was already cooked and we had a lot of candles already. The waitstaff brought out more candles and my FIL went home in his tux and retrieved the generator to power the DJ and the party went on! 2 years later, our wedding is still the talk of the family :) 

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  • 1. Our home church in Kansas

    2. 10/17/03 (5 years this week!)

    3. A line, you can see it pretty well in my pic

    4. Navy along with fall color accents

    5. We had 5 different kinds of cake, all homemade by my sister and I

    6. Our wedding was somewhat different, but I still wouldn't change a thing.  We went very fall, decorated all the tables with red and green apples and pumpkins.  We sent them home with all the guests.  My family did the reception food ourselves, we all got together with the church ladies and cooked, it was fun.  We had homemade dinner rolls, meats, cheeses and salads.  We also had deviled eggs.  We made 25 dozen deviled eggs, my mom still refuses to make them anymore.  We ran out of them before the end of the line though.

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  • 1. Where you married? PA (outside philly)

    2. When?  October 14, 2006.  2 years as of tomorrow!

    3. Style of dress? 2 piece ballgown with pickup bottom by Mori Lee Blu

    4. Colors?  Maroon, gold, brown, forest green (fall theme)

    5. Cake?  FUGLY CAKE!!!  They totally screwed up. Had three layers (carrot, white with rasberry, and suppose to be chocolate mouse but was just plain chocolate cake)

    6. Fill in the blank....add another thing about your wedding:  My MIL made my veil after my MOH did not complete it and did not tell me until three days before my wedding.  Oh - and I did not sleep one wink the night before -- and all there was on tv was horror (it was friday the 14th) and to make it worse -- I was staying at the pastors house in their guest room with my dress hanging on the glass door -- which I could only see the silloutte of because of the full moon.  Talk about eerie! Ha-ha!

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  • 1. Elkton, MD/Wilmington, DE

    2. July 26, 2008

    3. A-line, diamond white, BEAUTIFUL!! (If I must say so myself...)

    4. Clover green and pale yellow

    5. 4 tiers--lots of flavors I can't remember but very yummy

    6. I tied my grandmother's wedding ring to my bouquet. No one knew it, but I rubbed it the whole time because I missed her so much that day. However, it was the greatest day of my entire life...I want it back!!

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  • 1. Rochester,NY

    2. May 9, 2008

    3. Strapless with a medium length train and pearls

    4. blue jay and dark pink

    5. Buttercream with "hand-painted" chocolate butterflies resting on each layer of the cake.

    6. My wedding had a butterfly theme to symbolize the positive changes that my DH and I both made in our lives. (long story) :)My mom did an awesome job helping me find almost everything you could imagine with butterflies on it.  (butterfly invitations, butterfly cookie tray, butterfly pew bows,seed packets for favors) The list goes on......................:)

  • 1. Tennessee

    2. December 27, 2003

    3. style? Can't say for sure...white with asymmetrical opening in front, "buttons" (zip) up back

    4. platinum, black, with pink & white roses

    5. strawberry with white whip frosting (rough finish) with pink rose petals piled on top and around; groom's cake was a golf scene

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  • 1. Where you married?Lakeville, MN

    2. When?8/6/2004

    3. Style of dress?Halter top/full bottom/long train

    4. Colors?purples and ivory

    5. Cake?3 tier/square/strawberry filling

    6. Fill in the blank....add another thing about your wedding I made a lot of the things for our wedding.....boquets, centerpieces, programs....

  • Yay - a happy poll!

    1. Where you married?  Austin, Texas, in our church

    2. When?  April 9, 2005

    3. Style of dress?  I wore my mom's A-line dress that she wore in 1969.  It wasn't baggy, but it certainly wasn't fitted.

    4. Colors? brown and pink.  like freakin' everyone in 2004-2005.  :)

    5. Cake?  Carrot!

    6. Fill in the blank....add another thing about your wedding:  I am so glad that my grandmother was there.  She gave me a small gift the morning of our wedding - they were little porcelain elves that my grandpa bought for her in India when he was stationed there during WWII.  She wrapped them in TP and put them in a styrofoam take out box, because she wanted to wrap them herself and that was all the hotel could find for her.  I love them and when I see them, I think about how sweet it was that she gave me those as a wedding gift.

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