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Texas Custody Law help!

I haven't posted here before, but I should start. I had DS in January, and his douchebag sperm donor hasn't been in the picture since last June. (a whole different story for later). He wasn't there for the baby's birth, and hasn't even bothered to call/text/email or even ask by word of mouth about his son. He's not on the birth certificate and I'm not collecting child support.

My question is this: if I don't file for sole custody, will it come back to me later? If I file for sole custody, how likely is a judge to grant it (seeing as I never called the police when he was harrassing me)? I really do NOT want this loser to have any rights to my child, he hasn't done anything for him, and was physically abusive at the beginning of my pregnancy... hence my lack of collecting child support (plus, this loser makes far less than I do).

 Any help you ladies can offer would be wonderful! TIA! 

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Re: Texas Custody Law help!

  • FILE GIRL! Lucky for you, Texas is a "Mommy" state. It sucks that you haven't been documenting, but start asap! And also, if he hasn't seen LO in over 1 calender year, he technically forfeits his rights and if you have sole custody, (Legal and physical) that will only help your situation if he tries to take you to court. GL! The judge will grant it because he has not tried to do anything about it yet and he is also not on the BC.
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