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belly molested by coworker

I was working in my cube with a coworker 1.  Both of us were sitting at my desk looking at my computer.  Coworker 2 comes in and without saying much tries to feel my belly from above and behind me (she was sitting; I was standing)...and she ends up feeling my boob before getting to my belly.  CW1 sees the whole thing and is mortified.  I found it mostly hilarious.  Apparently my belly is irresistible!
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Re: belly molested by coworker

  • That is hilarious. If any of my coworkers try to touch my belly, they'll probably get their hand slapped. 

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  • LOL! I HATE when people just put their hands all over my belly! To top it all off, I'm carrying super low, so I sometimes feel like I'm being felt up when people start touching. I told my husband yesterday that when people reach for me, I'm going to start reaching for them and see how they like it!
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  • Hahaha, similar thing happened to me this weekend.  Husband and I were went to Florida for a mini vacation to visit my Dad.  We went to visit my 93 old grandma...she has one of those walkers with wheels and came rolling out of her bedroom towards me.  She's just about 80% blind and as soon as she saw me she reached out for my belly and totally grabbed my boob.  It was a total "Sixteen Candles" moment.  

    We both had a good laugh at that one!

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  • I sometimes need to stop by DH's work and whenever I do all of his coworkers have to touch the belly! It's weird cos I only know a few of them pretty well, and I'm carrying low as well.

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  • Must... feel... belly! I don't really mind when people that I like touch my stomach. I'm not really a hug person normally, but after a couple of years as a hospice volunteer turned staff member, I've become pretty immune to being creeped out by innocent touching. But yeah, I do still find people's inability to stay away from the belly a little weird. They're like drawn to it.

  • That's hilarious! I have a co-worker who constantly feels the need to rub my belly every time she sees me (daily). The weird thing is, we hardly ever spoke before I got pregnant. Now it's like she just can't help herself. Some people are so weird. I would never just start rubbing someone's belly without asking them if it's ok first. Unless you're a family member or really close friend PLEASE step away from the belly!
  • Last pg no one tried to touch my belly. I guess I was in so much pain that no one wanted to bother me. Now coworkers will say hi and just rub my belly. I am too nice to say anything, but I would rather they not. I would never touch someone's belly, especially without asking. One of these days, though, I might just haul off and smack their hands!
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  • LCassLCass
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    My friend did this to me on the weekend.  I'm not really showing yet, but she was super excited and rubbing my belly every chance she got (and trying to get all my other friends to do the same).  My boobs are still slightly bigger than my bump, so she hit boob before belly.  Oops!

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  • lol..If a family member rubs my belly I don't mind but randoom people I hate it. I look at them with the evil look. ugh!!

    I want a shirt that says"I'm not a buddha don't rub my belly" lmao

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  • Gross. I think I would rub her belly right back.

    I work in the construction industry with all men. I already suspect one man in particular is going to reach for the belly. It won't be pretty.

  • Good thing you are able to laugh it off ! From the minute we started telling people that I am pregnant, people have been touching my belly, and there is barely anything to touch... I HATE IT ! LOL
  • I hate having my belly touched but you know there are gonna be people who try it. GRRRRR!!!!
  • I have personal space issues to begin with.  If some random co-worker rubs my belly, or worse boob, I'm not sure how I would react.  I am affectionate with people when appropriate, but I just would rather not be touched by people I don't know well. I hope that doesn't turn me into Prego-zilla when I start to show.  I think I might just have to tell hubby to be on "belly-rubber patrol"!
  • I agree... people should at lesat ask you if they can touch your belly.  If it's my Hubby or close family member, not a big deal.  Not looking forward to the day that I'll be grocery shopping and an old lady feels my belly.  It will be weird but hard to tell her no.


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  • I don't really care if people touch my belly.  It's only when they feel like they have to poke my belly button that I'm like "hey...enough!"



  • I have a coworker that is the same way!!  The first time she did it I was barely showing and she ended up touching closer to my private than my belly... so I reached out and grabbed her boob.  She looked mortified.  I thought it was pretty funny.  My other coworkers laughed hysterically.  Now I am 25 weeks and showing a bit more and she still is touching it.  Crazy people.
  • If any stranger touches me i would punch their lights out.  That is my body and it's harrassment.
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