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Heartburn anyone?

I woke up at around midnight last night and couldnt seem to rid myself of the pain I felt in my chest and it felt like all the food I ate sat in my chest and at the back of my throat.  I haven'y had any morning sickness but the constant feeling of food piled up in my throat and chest is  very uncomfortable and scarey,  Is this normal? My food wont go down!
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Re: Heartburn anyone?

  • Yeah heartburn is normal.  Tums are safe and I was told Zantac is safe.  I bought some zantac because actually chewing the tums made me want to puke.  I haven't used any zantac yet though.  It's there in the case the heartburn is so bad that I can't sleep.  Good luck!
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  • I dont get hearburns often but in my case it depends on what I eat.  I pigged out yesterday with a Whopper and fries and paid the price last night. :(

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  • I have chronic heartburn and was on meds for it before I go KU.  Since I can't take my meds anymore I have been taking Prilosec OTC every day and that is helping.  One thing that helps heartburn too is try sitting up - I know it sounds uncomfortable but laying down seems to worsen it, try sleeping at a little bit of angle.

  • thanks guys, I tried sitting up and it was ok.  Its the laying down that makes it worse.  I'll try the Zantac.  I dont like the idea of chewing.


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