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Umbrella Strollers: Jet vs. Ignite

Sorry for another stroller post. I'm so sick of asking for opinions and researching I just want to order one and be done with it! 

The First Years Jet vs. Ignite - which one is better?

I know the Jet is cheaper but the $20 difference isn't a huge factor to me. I want lightweight, takes up little space in the car, tall handles, comfortable for baby to nap in and well made. 

Any opinions?

Thank you!  

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Re: Umbrella Strollers: Jet vs. Ignite

  • We registered for the Jet, but didn't really compare it too much to the Ignite (not sure why!).

    Here is an Amazon review under the Jet that may be helpful (and is in favor of getting the Ignite) - It's from 4/1/11 by "Divina Sullens":

    "I have both.......we have the pink dot ignite and navy jet......unfortunately I owned the igngite first, so I was spoiled. But the jet is a nice stroller and better than a small umbrella stroller or the evenflo xsport we had.

    The Ignite has much sturdier fabric overall and a more structured back to the seat, there is actually a metal x behind the fabric,(which makes it more flat back like your full size strollers) an inch wider seat base, almost 2 inch taller back of seat, relines 5 inches, and the locking front wheels for has one parent cup holder and a zippered pouch with 2 mesh pockets, but its shade does not rotate down, solid plastic grip handles, and 14 lb...I thought it was a great buy at $50 for the convenience of a big stroller in a small stroller. We LOVE IT!!!!

    The jet's fabric feels much flimsier, the shade is smaller, but Does rotate down, seat is an inches smaller, it has 3 very visible vertical back of seat supports without the extra metal x support,(which makes a more rounded back like the umbrella strollers), only reclines a couple inches, the front wheels do NOT lock for terrain and don't have as much of a "tread" on them, the parent tray does have 4 spots for drinks with a smaller zippered pouch and 4 small mesh pockets, foam covered handles, the handles at a little different angle and are not as far away from the wheels as the ignite so you may end up kicking it, and 11 lbs.........

    Both have the same under storage(little larger on the ignite), locking back wheels, 5 pt harness, and variable recline.......overall the ignite is just made better especially if you are looking for that 50lb!!!!

    As long as you don't mind the shade not rotating down, I would go with the ignite! If you are looking for a stroller for a big kid....get the ignite not the jet."

  • Thanks, we decided to order the Ignite from Wal-Mart. Hopefully I like it. 
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