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ACNE!! Feel like a teenager!

Hi ladies!  Ugh, I didn't break out much as a teenager and now at 30 years old and 15 weeks preggo I'm breaking out SO bad.  I know it's common, but what have you guys done that is safe?  I know what you aren't supposed to use but anything you have used or done that you could recommend would be great.  TIA!


Re: ACNE!! Feel like a teenager!

  • I feel you. I was so disgusted with the acne, it was my worst pregnancy symptom. Good news, it does goes away around 20 wks. I invested in a Clarisonic Mia and I do love it. I finally am getting a pregnancy glow.  Hang in there. 
  • I've been using proactive (extra strength) since pre-pg, and it's kept my acnce totally under control (when I was pg with ds, I looked like I was 13 again, so this is a nice change). I use neutrogena's body clear body spray on my chest and back, and it's also great.
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  • Growing up, I was the only one in the family with NO ACNE what so ever! My husband still has acne at age 25, not bad, but enough to make him look 16! LOL Anyway, it seems like all it took was for me to say I was pregnant and they started coming in but they were the bumps under the skin that HURT! They're not too big, thankfully but I cannot get used to them! I'm still just using plain soap and water though..
  • I was watching this show on natural medicines and if you mix ground nutmeg and whole milk into a paste it is said to get rid of acne...i am going to try it this weekend while i am off so if it makes my skin worse i can have a couple days to recover lol i will let you know how well it works....go to webmd.com and look up natural medicines and martha stewart has some recipes like this as well... all you can do is experiment right?


  • I finally found a combination of skincare products that have made my skin issues go away. this to cleanse and this to moisturize.
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