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Sciatic Pain?

Has anyone else had any terrible sciatic problems?  I woke up last night with a terrible pain in my right side and called my dr. today and they told me that it's the baby laying on my sciatic nerve.  And until the baby decides to move it's going to be painful.  I've just been having cramps like all day b/c of this.  Can anyone tell me anything more about this?  it kind of freaks me out.

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Re: Sciatic Pain?

  • I have commented on every sciatic pain post that has been on here so I will keep this one short and sweet.

    Not walking on it. In pain for over 2 weeks. Tried everything. Couldn't sit, stand, bend, squat. Would take 15min to walk 5 feet.

    Did acupuncture (4 needles in the hand) once. Walking on it after 5min. Bending/squating/jumping/etc...after about 15min. Needles in for 40min then taken out. Pain came back 30min later but not as severe. Next day....no pain but was sore. Day after that...no pain, not sore. Have been pain free since.

    I highly recommned acupuncture. The stretching and everything wasn't working for me at all.

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  • I don't have it, but my good friend very early on in her pregnancy (like 12 weeks) had it very bad. Her Dr. ordered physical therapy for a bit and it got a lot better and eventually went away.
  • I had bad sciatic nerve pain for nearly 1 month. My Dr. told me to keep walking, she prescribed Physical Therapy.

     It hurt like absolute hell--but has been feeling much better. 

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  •  I've had this, too- sometimes so bad it hurts to breathe. My doc will have to prescribe physical therapy if it continues, but I've found that prenatal yoga has been helping a lot.  I have the kind (?) that has three women doing it concurrently in the three different stages and I jump between the third and second trimester lady, depending on how deep the stretch is.    The $9 DVD from target is a lot cheaper than physical therapy and can be done whenever.

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  • I had it w/ DS and having it with LO I hate it and it always happens at work and I walk quite alot and when that happens it turns out to be pretty difficult as we all know...

    my dr w/ DS told my to just lay down on the opposite side the pain is on so the gravity can help reposition the baby....

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