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how do you find out what PFs center inserts are?

I read that you should avoid polyester foam or rayon center inserts in PFs. I have been looking at GMDs, Imagine Smart fits and Diaper Rites and I can't find any info on what the center insert is? They all just say 100% cotton. Does anyone know anything about this? And on a side note, which of the 3 above would you go with? And another side note. Don't you think 30 Newborn PFs is alot? I mean, I thought babies grow pretty fast. I would think less newborn and more size small, no?
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Re: how do you find out what PFs center inserts are?

  • I am not sure about the fabric question, but you want more prefolds for newborn stage because you are changing more often. 30 is a good number so you can do laundry every other day. GMD is a popular choice.
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  • I'm new at this, but my understanding is that 100% cotton means there's no fabrics other than cotton in it. So no polyester or rayon.
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  • GMD sells pretty much only cotton fabrics.  I think she's got some silk liners, and some PUL and wool, but for the diapers I don't recall seeing anything other than cotton.

    ETA: we have GMDs and I like them.  We had 24 nb prefolds, and I did laundry about every 1.5 days (that left us with a few to use while I was doing laundry).  For us, the nb size (orange edge) was a good investment, as DS was small enough at birth that the infant size (yellow edge) would have been REALLY big.  He was 6 lbs 7 oz and skinny.

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  • *most* prefold brands you buy through a cloth diapering site will be only 100% cotton or some other natural fabric. The "center insert" is not really is just a thicker section (like how you fold a center thicker section into a flat, hence the term "prefold" as in prefolded).

    GMDs are only 100% cotton, and they are generally thought to be the best prefolds available in 100% cotton. They are sized much better than most brands due to the extra width. My stash is 95% GMDs. They are super soft and absorbant and I have never had a smell issue since they are only cotton.

    The only thing you have to be careful is brands like Gerber and Carter's and the like...those are not really diapers, they are stuffed with polyester and other things and don't absorb anything.


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  • 30 is a good number, when baby out grows them they work great as doublers later. I've heard wonderful things about GMD so if I wasn't already set I would probably look into them myself.
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