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Maternity clothes website question

I have been trying to find a post where someone replied with a website that seemed to have decently priced maternity dresses last week. I think the website might have been an overseas website because it said they are now offering free delivery to USA and Canada.

The name of the website was short like 4 or 5 letters and possible started with an A???? Anyone have any idea what it could have been? Also- i know it wasnt an all maternity website, they just happen to have maternity clothes also.


Any ideas would be welcome, i cant find anything using the search feature!


Re: Maternity clothes website question

  • I have no idea about the site you are looking for, however, a decently priced one is Motherhood.com. It has 2 stores in one, Motherhood Maternity and Pea in the Pod. Pea in the Pod has the expensive stuff, but you can choose to list the items by price so you can look at the cheaper stuff. Shipping is only $6 if you don't have a store near you.

    Also, Old Navy.com has maternity wear for cheap. From the looks of it the quality isn't that great but you get what you pay for. Also Gap.com has a maternity section and you can look throughout the clearance section there for good deals. Target.com is another one that has decent stuff for cheap.

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  • AHHH Yes! Thank you....I kept thinking Anon!
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