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Still nothing! (vent)

So I had a NST this morning to make sure everything is alright with LO. Still only barely a fingertip dialated! She looked just fine according to the monitors, so unless these persistent BH contractions turn into something I "get" to wait until and induction on Thursday. I am sooooooooo done being pregnant! I'm am so glad she's healthy and everything but I wish she would just decide that she wants more room and come out already. 

My MW is putting in a Cook catheter tomorrow night, did any of you moms get one/ have any luck with it? I'm hoping maybe a little dialation will be all this little girl needs to get things going. 

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Re: Still nothing! (vent)

  • I'll be induced on Thursday too unless LO decides to come before then - Good Luck!
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  • Right there with ya! I'll be induced on Saturday if he doesnt make up his mind. I was only a fingertip today too, and my doc had to use some force to get it there! *twitch* Good luck, I hope something happens before Thursday for you!
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  • I was at a similar place with DD when I was overdue.  I had an induction scheduled for Sunday night.  My water ended up breaking Saturday morning but I still wasn't really dilated or contracting so I ended up with Pitocin - I got to avoid the cervadil (sp?) though.  She ended up being born Sunday afternoon. 

    So... you still could get started on your own!  GL!

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  • Grrr...I feel your pain! I had a checkup today and am at basically the same point as you! Baby is fine, but COME ON! I'm getting so restless!

    I hope your LO decides to show up today or tomorrow! Stay strong!

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  • Maybe it's just surprising to me because I don't read a lot of the other months' boards... But there seems to be a lot of people going past their edd or getting induced.  What's up with that?  These spring babies don't want to come out!  I'm at 39, barely dilated and not feeling anything even close to contractions.  Most of the time LO sits in my ribs. 

    Good luck with the catheter!  Let us know how it goes.

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