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So depressing.... (vent)

So I'm about 26 weeks and I had an OB appt today. I dread going to the doctors every month because not only does someone other than myself realize I've gained to much weight but the doctor just makes me feel like crap about it (as if I don't already feel like crap about it, like I'm purposely gaining a butt load of weight on purpose). I swear it doesn't matter what I do, what foods I cut out, how much water I drink, etc I stil gain on average 2-3 lbs a week. It's getting ridiculous. So, I'm up for another GTT and my doctor wants me to have my thyroid tested to see if that may be causing weight gain. I also had some bacteria in my urine and so she had a urine culture sent out. Oh and I also have to see a nutritionist. As if I didn't have enough problems to begin with, all of that had to be added. Didn't even have the chance to talk about my back pain/ abdominal pain this time there was too much other crap going on that we just barely talked about it. I have to start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now because of all of my "complications". Fun stuff. It's probably dumb that I'm complaining about this. I'm sure there are other women that are having more serious complications and are having a hard time. I just get so frustrated sometimes that nothing I do is apparently good enough. Thanks for listening (well reading actually)

Re: So depressing.... (vent)

  • sorry you are going through all this!  It can totally seem overwhelming and frustrating!  I know I jump to frustrated much faster these days!  You didn't mention that your baby is fine, but I am hoping the lack of mention is a good thing.  Keep that in mind while you are going through all this!  It is all for that little bundle of joy and I know you would do more than that if it was an outside baby!  I hope you can get something figured out and feel better!
  • I would get a second opinion. Some doctors are just too focused on weight gain. I'm not saying you should ignore her, just ask other doctors, too. You might find out it's not as big of an issue as she thinks it is. And I think that she should make time to talk to you about things that concern YOU no matter how long it takes to talk about your weight gain. We're already emotional enough as pregnant women. You don't need extra stress!

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  • It sucks to be stressed out during your pregnancy but as they say stress is the worst thing for your growing baby so I'd say try to take it easy. Whether you are overweight or underweight, the docs say that exercise is extremely important during pregnancy. Pilates are an easy, low-impact workout. Also swimming is great for us pregnant ladies because it keeps us cool and works out every muscle. Walk everywhere you can.

    Another suggestion would be to make sure you're eating right. If weight gain is such a problem you should stick to romaine salads, juices, water, and protein. I know it's like a broken record, but its healthy for you and your growing baby.

    Eating whatever you want and not exercising is just gonna put more weight on you so it's time to change- if not for yourself then for your baby.

    Also keep in mind being pregnant is something to be excited about!! Y

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  • Thanks everyone. The baby is fine. The doctor is concerned because I gain weight so fast. I had gained 11lbs in 4 weeks. I admit I didn't eat completely healthy in the begining but I have been for a while now. I've been eating alot more protein and fiber and drinking plenty of water and cut out about 95% of the junk I was eating before. Nothing has helped me stop gaining weight. I would be happy now to just maintain the weight I am. I'm sure all this weight gain isn't helping my back problems much. I try to exercise when I can but if I do cany exercise before I go to work ( I work t night) then I'm completely useless. I have no energy as it is and using the little I may muster up before work will just make work that much worst. I'm on my feet atleast 8-10 hrs a day during the week for work. I'm hoping that my doctor will have me stop working soon because that is the cause of my back and abdominal pain. then maybe I can do some non strenuous exercising that will help with all of my problems. Who knows.
  •  I did gain a ton of weight with DS, had to see a cardiologist, get ultrasounds of my legs and see some other specialist due to complications (it all ended up ok). I lost 20lbs to begin with...then from month 6-end of pg I gained the 20 back...plus another 60. No matter what I did I couldn't stop the gain. My OB was never worried...but I was. I gained 10 lbs in one week. It turned out to be mostly water. From the time DS was  born to the time I got home from the hospital I was down 30lbs. I had been warned that swelling after birth can sometimes make your weight go up...my swelling before birth was so bad it didn't. Maybe you will just be like this? I hope so...and if not...I hope they can find a solution so you don't feel bad about yourself! Hang in there.


    Edit: I also wanted to give you encouragement for the future. I still had about 5 lbs left to lose from DS when I got pregnant. I was terrified I would have the same weight problems this time (the weight gain really does make you feel bad about yourself...doesn't it?!). So far I have gone down one pound. Granted I haven't hit my dreaded 6 month mark yet but I feel the consistency has to be a good sign!

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  • Dont feel bad about weight gain... I gained near 50lbs with DD and lost it all.  LOTS of women go over the "average" weight gain for pregnancy.  As for you Dr.... I felt so rushed with all of my appointments with DD. I never got into my appointment on time as they were ALWAYS running behind (and I went to a practice with several Drs, midwives and NPs... rarely saw the same person twice) ...So not only did I have to wait an extra 30min to an hour to even see someone, they spent about not even 5 min in the room with me. They would ask if I had any issues and then run out door!  For some reason, I chose to go back to same practice with this baby and thankfully they have been WONDERFUL. Good luck to you.
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