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how is your body now?

im nervous how my body will look after are you doing after having yours.

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Re: how is your body now?

  • Meh. Weight-wise I'm 13 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but still about 15 pounds above where I want to be. Despite losing extra pounds, I'm still in the same size pants as before because my belly is considerably flabbier than I would like. All in all, my body's not looking fantastic, but it's not the horror show I envisioned it would be at this stage post-partum.
  • I'm a freak of nature and lost all but the 5 lbs I decided to keep from my baby weight in about 2-3 months. But I'm super petite and started out a little too skinny anyhow. :-/

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  • Flabby. Really really flabby!   I have lost some weight but the stomach is staying!
  • My tummy is still a little wrinkled and saggy. I still have 15lbs to lose and a lot of muscle to tone back up. And my boobs are still big. (I EBF.) But then, I just had my 2nd.

    At this point after my first, I was already down to my prepreg weight and my stomach was fairly flat again. But I never fit into my prepregnancy pants again; my hips are wider and so my pre pregnancy style no longer works for me. 


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  • I had my daughter 5 months ago.  I gained 36 lbs, I still have 10lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Every woman is different though. Congrats on you pregnancy
  • I lost all but 1 pound within 3 weeks PP (and no, I was not skinny to start with). I'm still hovering 1 pound over my pre-preg weight, but my body is a completely different shape.

    I agree with PP, it's nowhere near as bad as I envisioned it. Plus, I'm a lot more comfortable with it than I've ever been, because hey, I made a whole other person inside there who came out and his life is sustained by this body. So yeah, how it looks is generally of little consequence to me.

  • I hate it, but this is three babies later, once I lose the weight and see how things fall I might have a better assesment for you but the best part of two and three babies is that they dont change much after the first one lol
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  • It's not good. Naked isn't a good look for me at the moment. I'm about 10-15lbs over my pre-prego weight and my stomach and ass are so gross. I was pretty fit with some nice muscle tone from running and lifting, so even if I lost the 15lbs, I wouldn't have the same body I did before.
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  • It's pretty awful! I gained 50 pounds and lost 30 after 2 weeks postpartum. I'm still stuck and haven't lost anything since then. My doctor tells me that most likely my body is going to hold onto it until I wean the baby. I loved my legs before pregnancy and now I've got thunder thighs and massive, unattractive boobs. I lucked out and didn't get too many stretch marks but my stomach is still super flabby. 
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  • I was relatively in shape before I had both my girls and didn't gain more than 33 lbs with either one.  With DD1, I lost all but about 5 lbs within a month.  The last 5 hung on  With DD2, I gained less than w/ DD1, but am having a harder time losing the last 10. 

    Overall though, I'm feeling good, and had a much easier recovery after my 2nd.  I'd say just try to get active as soon as you can.  I'm not talking about going to spin class 2 weeks post partum, but even just getting out for a walk every day, when you feel ready, can make a big difference in how you feel, and how your body recovers. 

    My boobs, on the other hand, turned into sad little pancakes when I was done nursing DD1.  I'm nursing again now, so they're looking great, but I know what's in store for me when I'm done.


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  • I really liked my body PP, my body fat was about 18%  although I weighed what was considered slightly overweight (according to the BMI which is a BS tool...sorry tangent).  Now it looks like I have no muscle, I look flabby and floppy, I hate it.  Granted I gained 50lbs (doc told me I was good in the 35-40 range) and I still have 25-30 lbs to lose.  My stomach still sticks out a little, it's a bit flabby but even if it wasn't it would poke out more.  The most damaged are my thighs and butt, H loved my new butt though because my butt bones used to dig into him when I sat on his he likes the junk in my trunk now lol. 

    It's all worth it though, and I'm working hard to get a body I'm happy with, even though it's going to be different.

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  • 4 months out I'm at my prepregnancy weight.  I've had 5 kids and weigh the same as I did when I got pregnant with the first one.  At the same time, my boobs will never be the same.  My stomach looks pretty good at this point, but I'm definitely not bikini ready - that'll take some more time.  I exercise a few times a week and try not to overeat.  Everyone is different so it's impossible to say what how your body will look after you have a baby. 



  • I would say okay... as follows...

    Belly - okay no stretch marks but mushy, have a muffin top if I bend even slightly or wear anything tight around my waist, it I stand straight up I am okay

    Weight - still need to lose about 8 lbs (I started at 125 lbs went to 150 lbs... but was sick the entire pregnancy, so initially I lost weight)

    Boobs - look same as before (not bf anymore)

    Legs - problem area... I now have 2 areas of purple spider veins that are ugly... I can have these treated later but was told if I want to have another baby wait because they get worse

    Lady parts area... sometimes "leak" urine when I sneeze


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  • Well this is my 2nd baby and I think I look pretty good. I still have 8lbs to lose but I start the gym today! It's all about eating right. With my first I gained a ton and with my second I gained a norm amount and it was so much easier to shred!
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  • Weight-wise, I only have about 8 more pounds to lose. My body shape has definitely changed, though. I had an unexpected c-section, and was very surprised at the nice flap of skin that hung over my incision for the first few months.. it still sort of does. No one ever told me that was going to happen!
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