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Did you experience a ton of swelling?  I am puffed up like a marshmallow still 7 days post-op.  I didn't have this much with my first. Also do you all have a huge sagging belly hanging over your scar?  Mine is sickening.  I don't think I've lost a pound because of all the extra fluid and swelling that I have.  :(
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Re: c-section moms

  • oh i swelled up like a water balloon. They said that it was normal, from being on fluids so long. and yes i have the saggy belly. But don't worry the swelling goes away soon enough (i just got rid of it fully yesterday and my sons almost 2 weeks old)


  • My feet and ankles were HUGE afterward. I didn't lose any weight until the second week.
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  • I was so swollen!!!!  No one at the hospital told me  I would, so it really freaked me out.  I think I stayed swollen for 2 weeks, having to use an ice pack everyday on my lady parts.  After 2 weeks, I think I instantly lost half my pregnancy weight.  And my belly sagged really bad.  I couldn't see my incision, I had to have my mom check it for me everyday.   My belly is still sagging but not nearly as bad.
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    I had a ton of swelling that was probably more from pre-e, but it all disappeared about a week an a half post op. It was like I just woke up one morning and it was gone. Hope yours gets better soon!

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  • I think all my swelling was in my feet and ankles. it was terrible. It was gone by about 1.5 weeks pp.


  • I weighed 151 right before DS was born. After my 6lbs baby was born I weighed 149. I had a TON of water weight and it took awhile for it all to go away but once it did the weight just shed off within 2 weeks.
  • My feet and ankles are still swollen. I started wearing support stockings today. The hospital gave me an abdominal support belt and I began wearing that 2 weeks pp. It has helped out SO much. I do have a sagging belly, but it doesn't look that bad since I started wearing the belt.


    Don't worry. Just give it another week or two.  :)

  • I was so swollen! I hobbled like a penguin! But the swelling does go down. I have the sagging belly also, ugh, but just like my stretch marks I consider it a battle scar(got that from my first ob).
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  • I found it very ironic that I didn't swell while I was pregnant too.


    And my stretch  marks have already really faded, so that is good.

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  • I don't know why, but I researched this ahead of time & bought 2 girdles off of amazon that were rated highly for people post-op c-section, tummy tucks, & stuff like that. I didn't need them at the hospital though because it was one of the first things the nurses did for me was put this huge girdle wrap on me with a pad between it & my incision to protect it. They came in handy at home though, so I could switch them out to wash them. I dont have a belly that sags; it's a bit poofy down there still, to the point where I hardly recognize myself, but my stomach has gone down so much that my husband swears I'm thinner than I was when I got pregnant. The sagging belly could also be because it is your second cesarean; my mom complains about the same thing. Try a girdle; I'm sure it's not too late :)

    As for the swelling of the feet; I didn't have any swelling during pregnancy, but now if I don't get my feet up a few hours a day I can't walk they are so swollen! I'm a dietitian and the rule of thumb is to drink more water so your body can release more water, but this is SO not the case, & it gets very frustrating. DH gave me 5 hours of straight sleep last night & my feet are starting to look a bit more normal. Dr promises it shouldn't last too much longer.  

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  • Yes to both. I was incredibly swollen and puffy for a couple weeks, and I had a huge flap of skin hanging over my incision.. It's kind of still there, but not as bad now.
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  • Thanks ladies!  Glad to know I'm not alone.
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  • My swelling while in the hospital was terrible, I had pregnancy carpal tunnel and the swelling made the carpal tunnel in one of my wrists extremely painful, I would cry and scream from it, every day they thought it was a heart problem because it was so painful and my fingers would go numb like pins and needles and the pain would go all the way up past my elbow, but by the time I got out of the hospital and home it was much better. I am 5 weeks PP and I still have some swelling though but its mild.
  • Yep- I just was able to get my wedding ring back on today.  I noticed the swelling started to go down in earnest when I stopped with pain pills the hospital prescribed (I only took one a day, but they seemed to make the swelling worse...could be coincidence though)

    Since the swelling has gone down I've developed the overhang.  It's a good look...

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