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Where did you buy your diapers?

Just looking for a  cheap website.  My twins are almost 3 mo old and I think that I might want to start CD ing them.  Disposables are so expensive and since our new house will have its own well, we wont have  a water bill.

Also, what is  a decent price to pay for the diaper and covers?

Re: Where did you buy your diapers?

  • I like Jillian's Drawers, Nicki's Diapers, Abby's Lane and Kelly's Closet for the big name brands like BumGenius.  The prices will be pretty consistent across the board.  If you're looking for prefolds, Green Mountain Diapers tend to be very popular.
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  • Ebay! I got used and new bumgenius for 8-12 bucks each. I e-mailed the sellers to negotiate down from advertised price  :)
  • Diapers range in price hugely, from $2 or so for prefolds (less if used, more for premium brands) and $10-15 for $8-9 for cheaper pockets and $25 for more expensive pockets and $30+ for some brands of fitteds.  Definitely shop around!

    Check out the 'favorite retailers' link in the blog in my siggy for a great list of options, including sites for new and used diapers. 

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  • I LOVE I got my almost my whole stash from there for great prices.

    I love Amazon as well, sign up for Amazon Mom and you get free Prime (2 day) shipping.

    Ebay is also a good option. My best piece of not be afraid of lightly used diapers. You can wash them again when you get them from the mom, and they are only going to get pooped in again. Stick out tongue


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