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How do you drop the bottles????

LO is 9 months and dr says he wants her off bottles by the time she is 1 yr. She takes 4 8oz bottles a day and is very fond of them.  I've tried only giving her 4oz on one of the bottles to try to wean it out and she was definitely not ready for that step! I've tried feeding her more at her meal times and she still wants her bottles. I've tried using nuby and sippy cups wiht her but she has no interest in them what so ever. 

What is your feeding schedule for your LO? How did you drop the bottles?  

Re: How do you drop the bottles????

  • I always head ppl say you should have you babies off the bottle by 1 yr, but im not completely sure I agree with that 100%.
    My DS has 4 bottles a day still and he is 11 months ( he does not want to drink milk from a sippy, he'll drink water but not milk) Right now he drinks 2-8oz bottles and 2-4oz bottles. And i offer him milk with his meals but he never drinks more than 1 oz of it.

    I am trying to cut his bottles down to one in the morning and one before bedtime, that is the goal for his birthday. Im just taking cues from him and doing this slowly.

    Hope you get the answers you are looking for!

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  • With DD, I just put her formula in the nuby sippy cups & she took right to it, was completely off the bottle at 10 months & off formula at 11.5 months. I started just replacing 1 bottle (of formula) a day with a sippy, after a few days, another bottle, and so on.

    DS is another story, but that's hugely my fault. I'm lazy with it this go round. He'll drink milk from a sippy & water, but won't drink much formula from it. I'll be more consistent once we move (we're moving in 2 weeks, 600 miles away). 



  • I just didn't give him a bottle one day.  Just sippy's.  He's never missed them. 
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  • maybe im in thr minority, but i dont feel rusheed to do it by one. one year olds are still totally babies imo. i will probably try to offer a sippy instead of a bottle for one feeding a day and see how that goes once shes one.
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