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well usually the days I babysit my baby will be up from 550 am till about 750, then hell nap till about 10, and will need to nap again around 12. Well today he was still really tired so the rest of the days nap schedule is way off. I have to leave the house I babysit at at 1050 to go pick up the boy from schoo. Well our house is literally 10 min away from where I baby sit. I know my son is going to melt down around 1030 and need to nap. So if he doesnt he will be so cranky all day and not want to nap like he should, therefor making today stressful dealing with cranky baby and 2 kids. So I called my h to see if he could come over from 1050-1115 just to sit and make sure baby isnt alone. My h has to be at school around 1145 and his school is like 15 min away. I knew my h would not want to come over here because its boring and he hates being rushed. But since I am the one who feeds baby every feeding since birth 5 mo ago because he ebf and WILL not take a bottle or paci baby is with me all day every day. I rarely get a break wich is fine. But i also clean and work for FIL and have baby with me then too. So i asked my h to come here and he says he doesnt want too because he has school and will have to rush and will be me asking for him to take 30 min of his time to come sit and do nothing just to make MY day WAY easier seems too much. He is a great dad but I just dont think he gets how much I really do. I really dont. I just am so mad I am shaking. Sorry about the rambling rant i just want to flip the eff out right now. Should I be this upset? I just am and wish he could work a week in my shoes dealing with baby all the time while working. but that will never happen. oh well ill get over it. thanks for letting me vent and sorry if there are a lot of typos, I really dont care right now


  • I know exactly how you feel.  My husband works 6 days a week, 12 hrs a day and then goes to school 3 nights a week. The time he is home he is usually so tired that the help he does give is not enough to completely relieve me of baby duties for long. although, he does take Saturday night baby duty.  I work full time also, but it's from home so It kinda becomes my responsibility to take care of the baby all day, plus keep the house clean, cook, and work.  By Sunday I'm exhausted and just want him to take her for a few hrs by himself but it rarely happens.  Don't get me wrong, he is a great dad and husband but has a lot on his plate as well.  What gets me through is knowing that in 3 or 4 yrs she will be in preschool and I will want this time with her back, so I make the most of it now.  Don't feel bad about venting...we all need to do it from time to time and that's what all us mom's are here for.  Hope your day gets better.



  • thank you for your reply! I got a lot of views but only one reply:) I do much better actually writing my husband a email telling him how I feel so I don't forget any good valid points. So that is what I did. needless to say he came and watched baby while I got the kids so he could nap:) I babysit 3 days a week and the other 2 I usually do quickbooks and do stuff for my FIL company and also clean their house. They had a maid service but they kept breaking things and stealing so I offered to take their place:) But I do all these things with LO. Which like you said one day I will miss these times but everyone needs a break. I was just so mad because he was like, his naps work out every day why do you need me today. WELL because he naps when he wants! He is on no schedule since I work different schedules every day! and I ebf on demand. Needless to say I am happier now. Thank you so much for your reply !
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