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Sweet and funny DH moment this morning...

Every morning DH talks to my belly... the last week or so he has been giving "pep" talks to LO about coming in to this world.  He says things like " Its fun out here," "Its time buddy," and " isn't it boring in there."  I giggle at how cute he is when he does this... But, this morning he rolls over and says to my belly " Hey... Kid... you are being kinda selfish now!"  I laughed so hard that I ended up having a contraction...  I am glad that DH is feeling as "done" as I am. 


~Married- 10.20.2007~ TTC Since- 4.3.2009 ~BFP#1- 8.25.2009 ~ Missed M/C and D&C-10.9.2009 ~BFP#2-8.12.2010 ~ EDD- 4.20.2011~ It

Re: Sweet and funny DH moment this morning...

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