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So tired of people

I swear. I'm going to freaking snap at the next person that tells me how big of a baby DS is! Sure hes got some chubby cheeks. But what do people expect? Hes gotta gain some weight! His birth weight was 7 lbs 2 oz. He now weighs 10 lbs 3 oz and will be 8 weeks Friday. But to be honest hes not even huge!! He seems pretty average to me. I don't know. Sometimes I wish people would just keep their comments to themselves..because I don't want to hear it.
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Re: So tired of people

  • I know its super annoying because everyone wants to put their 2 cents in. Im not really sure what people are basing their opinions off of in regards to size though. Whenever we go out with LO people always comment how cute he is etc, followed by asking how old he is and then 1 of 2 things happen: Wow he is really big for 2 months, or he is such a tiny little guy!

    Seriously he is one or the other. He was not even 7 pounds when he was born and is just about 12 now at 2.5 months. He is only in the 25th% for weight and under the 10th% for height so he is far from a big baby yet we get this allll the time so you are not alone!



  • Honestly, I think people mean it as a compliment when they talk about how big babies are. Your little guy sounds right on track, not a porker by any means. I think they mean it to mean you are taking good care of him and feeding him well, but it certainly doesn't make it any less annoying, does it?
  • Huh...I love it when people comment on what chubby cheeks DS has.  Chubby babies are adorable, and since I'm doing all the work to feed him, it's a compliment to me and all my hard work too.  They aren't saying he's *obese*...they're commenting on how much he's grown or how filled out he is.  Try not to take it personally, or even better, try to feel appreciated in those times!
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  • I wish I heard those comments!

    I want my LO to chunk up here soon...he is still petty small.

  • ::I like the chubby cheeks comments as well, my cheeks are pretty chubby and it makes me think DS looks even more like my carbon copy, which he does:: 

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  • I guess I just feel like people are saying he's obese when they say that Huh?

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  • I think most people mean it as a complement even though it doesn't come across that way. People aren't good with figuring out what to say so they tend to use the same stock "oh my gosh he's so big!" or "what a chunky little guy" whether the baby is really chunky or not. Think about all the times people said something like "oh my gosh you're so big!" when you were pregnant. It's the same kind of thing.
  • I know how you feel, LO has really chubby cheeks and I have had a couple of people say "what fat cheeks she has" or "look at those fat cheeks" it drives me nuts. I know she had chubby cheeks and they are adorable but I don't want to hear someone refer to any part of my baby as fat.

    For what it's worth your son dosn't sound huge at all. DD was 8lbs 13 oz at birth and hit 10 llbs at 1 month. She is 2 months today and I would bet that she is around 12 lbs.


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