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Any purchases yet ladies?

Has anyone bought or about to make any baby purchases?

I really want to but not knowing the sex makes it hard! I thought about loading up on diapers, some plain white onesie's, and children's books but I feel like I can't make any big purchases until we find out the sex! What about you chickies?

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Re: Any purchases yet ladies?

  • I won't make any big purchases until probably after 1st tri.  I have started a book collection for LO though!

  • Thinking about getting a double stroller-- one of the "sit n' stand" versions, but I need to check one out first to make sure that's what we want!

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  • New Ju Ju be diaper bag...but started using it already with my kids!
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  • I bought some cloth diapers before we were even TTC Embarrassed

    I don't want to find out the sex, so whatever I buy before the baby comes will be gender-neutral. I'm considering buying some babylegs from this morning... haven't decided yet. 

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  • Nope, but my sister just gave me her pregnancy books she doesn't want anymore since her LO is 3 months now.

     I may have.... already started a Target registry, though...Embarrassed

  • I have bought maternity clothes and yesterday I bought some PJs from baby GAP because they had a pink boston terrier (I have a boston named Penny) on them and I couldnt resist. 

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  • I guess I could stock up on some lotions, ointments, shampoos, etc.

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  • I've resisted temptation and have only purchased pregnancy books for myself and DH. I also bought a belly band, just in case I wake up one morning and can't button my work pants. I think I'll give in around week 8 and start buying LO things if everything still looks good.
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  • I haven't bought anything yet, but I have been obsessed with trying to find a trendy diaper bag.  I figured that since I don't know the sex, the one thing I do know if what kind of bag I would like to carry around. 

    As far as books go, I think it is a great idea to start collecting books for the baby.  I think I'm going to start doing that.  I did buy some books for myself though... What to Expect When Your Expecting and a pregnancy cookbook.

  • I'm not making any baby-related purchases until I hit 12 weeks, and the gender-specific stuff, not until the 20 week u/s (obviously).  I have a lot of stuff from DD, so there's not a whole lot of things for me to buy, other than a double stroller, clothes, diapers and wipes. 

    But I did buy a maternity swimsuit for my summer trip (I'll only be about 4 months along, but I'm anticipating showing sooner this time), and I'm planning to buy a few maternity pieces this week.  All of my old maternity clothes fit, but I need some sleeveless / short-sleeved pieces for the summer. 

  • I may buy a few small things here an there. We plan to at least part-time cloth diaper so I will probably start my diaper stash with some gender neutral colors. We will start buying the big stuff after 12 weeks. We plan on getting all big items in gender neutral patterns so that we can reuse them for future kids.
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  • I bought a Bella Band and a pair of maternity lounging pants last night.  DH and I plan to start stocking up on diapers as soon as we see the HB.  After that, I'll wait until we find out the gender to buy clothes and other items.
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  • Nothing for the baby yet, but I went to Once Upon a Child and got some maternity clothes.  This is #3 for us, but our first two were both Feb babies up north, so my old maternity clothes are useless.

    I was only expecting to get one or two things, but they had cute things at such great prices, I ended up getting 5 shirts, 4 shorts and a new bathing-suit for $66.

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  • I've bought 2 onesies that say I love Mommy and I love Daddy. I won't be buying anything else for a while, but I do like to look and get ideas.
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  • I'm buying maternity clothes for now.
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  • Just one - an "I party naked" onesie by Urban Smalls (
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  • The only thing I've bought is a pregnancy book, I've resisted buying anything else so far but definitly have been browsing! I mainly look at diaper bags and furniture, and of course basic onesies and bath items that are gender neutral. I can't wait to find out if my LO is a boy or girl.
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  • I just purchased a couple cloth diapers and I'll probably buy more of them to build up a stash. I'll definitely purchase things if they are on sale, but I won't do any big items until after 1st trimester. 
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  • I've already picked out a lot of what I want. In terms of "equipment" i.e. stroller, carseat, playpen etc I am going with gender neutral colors because if I have a girl/boy and then the opposite for the second pregnancy I won't have to buy new stuff. I'm so excited to decorate the baby's room but I definitely want to wait on that until I know the sex. I'm feeling really impatient!! :)
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