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how long can the first PP period last?????

thinking I need to call the doctor because i bled PP for roughly 4-6 weeks and then went into what I think was my period and it has lasted now for 9 weeks(lochia or whatever and period).  Is this my period or still PP bleeding.  the nurse seems to think it is my period but reallllly 2+ weeks long??????

I will be calling the doctor tomorrow- Am taking birth control and dont BF for what its worth- shoot me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Re: how long can the first PP period last?????

  • I dunno about how long it lasts but I'm currently on mine, and its so heavy! I'm so crampy and just a really bad period!! I'm usually like 3 days and done. Idk how long it can last but I've had mine since Saturday and its showing no signs of stopping. I actually have an appt today to have my IUD put in. 
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