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I came home from the gym to find DH and LO on the floor of my bedroom with all my jewely spread across the floor.  Turns out the LO pulled over my jewelry box and it fell on her!  Looks like she will have a black eye and I small bump on her foredead.  We called pedi who told us signs to look for but said she should be fine!  DH I know felt terrible and I tried very hard to stay calm and not explain to him for the upteenth time that you cannot leave DH alone even for a second!  Sometimes I feel like a working mom of 2 children!  Anyways, I just had to ge this out, and I don't want tp make DH feel worse than he already does.

On a side note, LO played with me, smiled giggled and babbled her way off to sleep!  Fingers crossed she is okay tomorrow!

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