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Ok so how bad is this really....

Everyone knows that swaddling works for some babies to help them sleep, and it did help our LO in the beginning. But she was was always escaping out of them and she was sleeping pretty well without it. I'm VERY weary about any blankets or any anything in her crib, but last night I was rocking her in one of her cozier blankets and I decided to lay her down with it. I wrapped her up tight in it, and she slept from 9p - 530am! Is that really bad? When they're still so young they're not moving around at all, is having a blanket in there - especially if she's wrapped up tight in it, not layed over her, really bad?? I have a swaddle me and I honestly find it really inconvenient. The velcro is so loud in the middle of the night, and her legs still kick around a lot. 

I'm just so darn excited she slept so long, I'm wondering if I should start swaddling again....is it too late for that? Sorry two questions in one post :) 

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Re: Ok so how bad is this really....

  • Hmmm...I wouldn't bank on your LO not moving around at all. My DS went from lying horizontal in his PnP one night to vertical by the next morning. Completely freaked me out.

    If she like the blankets better then try a swaddling blanket instead of a larger fuzzy blanket that she may be able to wiggle out of and flip over her face.

  • Against my better judgment I put a blanket over DS's FEET during a nap (and he was swaddled...but it was March in MN and therefore COLD).  I went back in the room and the blanket had been moved from down at his feet all the way up to his face from his squirming.  That was the last loose blanket in his crib until he's a toddler.  If you had success by wrapping her snuggly in the blanket, I think you should definitely try swaddling again.
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  • Bad mom of the year here... I've covered my baby with a blanket since birth. My LO hated being swaddled. I have never found the blanket anywhere near her face. Different things work for different babies.
  • I swaddle Adena in a light but large receiving blanket, then lay a blanket over her if I feel it's too chilly in the room. When she's swaddled, even if an arm escapes there's still no danger of her being able to move the blanket over her face. Even so, I feel pretty safe with the loose blanket anyway because we have an Angelcare monitor. :) If she were to stop breathing for more than 10 seconds, alarms sound for us to come to her rescue. Not that I'd chance her suffocating from anything anyway, but it feels safe. The only other blanket in the crib is the one rolled behind her back because she won't sleep laying flat on her back.

    Oh, and I use a crib bumper. Zip it!

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  • It's not that bad. I wouldn't do it personally, though, for night time. DD moves a lot in her crib, flailing and kicking. She wasn't traveling much at all until the other night I woke up and her head was at the opposite end from where I had put her! I also think that a light blanket is different than a thick fuzzy blanket.

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  • I put DD to sleep with a swaddle me most nights, and I also put a blanket over her!   I just tuck the blanket around both sides of her (so it is sort of a second swaddle without doing the whole swaddling method).  I have done this since she was born.  At first we had her in the cradle and tucked the blanket around the mattress so it was secure, but now she sleeps in the RnP. 

    I definitely think you should start swaddling again, especially if she likes it.

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  • How about a loose swaddle from the chest down? They can't kick the blanket up, and their arms are still free. Our DCP does that for older babies who aren't in a full swaddle anymore.
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  • The loose swaddle with arms free is what we do for DS at night if we don't have a clean sleep sac.  Sometimes, just to be extra safe so that he doesn't wriggle out of it, I will attach the loose end to the blanket with a cloth diaper snappies pin.

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  • Maybe you should try the escape proof swaddle. I've seen people talk about how great it is (there's a youtube video w/ instructions out there if you google). We do use a velcro swaddler, and don't mind the noise when we take it off DS to change his diaper at night. At the very least, it helps him wake up enough to finish his middle of the night bottle so he doesn't wake right back up.
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    This is how my LO sleeps, sometimes I think man what would someone say to me if they saw how I put my LO to bed.  I used to only put him on his belly for naps and then I couldn't figure out why he was sleeping so bad at night so I tried putting him on his belly and as soon as I tried it at night he slept 10hrs straight.  (the first night I was constantly checking on him but now I have gotten more comfortable with it) However my point is you know what's right for you and your LO and what you're comfortable with.


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  • My boy has been sleeping with just a blanket since he was 4wks. He hated being swaddled. I just put the blanket up to his waist and tuck it in on the sides of his cradle so he can't kick it off with his feet.
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  • DD hates to sleep oon her back, and will scream in the swaddle and the sleep sack.  She typically sleeps with one soft blanket wrapped around her on her side.  If it is really cold I may put a crocheted blanket around her feet.  You have to do what works for you.
  • I have sleep sacks that are fleece and I just zip her up (so no velcro) which is the safe version of what you're doing. 
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  • My DD uses blankets for naps during the day, because I'm right there with her. At night, she is no longer swaddled but I just put a warmer sleeper on her so I don't have to use a blanket because my daughter is a mover - I don't need anything extra to worry about!
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