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Child Care Recommendations Please

Hello Ladies!  I hoping you can help me out.  MH and I are looking for recommendations/ideas for child care.  I am not due until November, but Iam trying to get a head start.  We have some ideas, but we are still searching.  We live in the Dublin area.  Thanks ladies!


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Re: Child Care Recommendations Please

  • I'm in the same boat..I'm due 070411...I'm looking for someone in the westerville/worthington area
  • Me too. On the east side near groveport or downtown, which is close to work.
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  • I have family taking care of childcare for now so I can't rec the place I'm using, but I have done a TON of looking around the area; here's what I found out.

    The Ohio State Childcare center is fantastic...but it has a yearlong waiting list, so if you want it you should get on now! We are still waiting for a spot (hopefully in the next month or two!) but have heard nothing but good things. They have a sliding tuition scale based on what your family makes, which is also nice.

    I toured Little Dreamers, Big Believers-- another center, they have a location in Grandview & one on High Street. I liked them a lot; especially as the kids get older, it seems like a wonderful place. It's out of our price range for now, but if you're willing to spend a little more for really fantastic care it's worth looking at.

    My only caution is to be wary of home DCP, unless they're through a network (Family Traditions Childcare in Bexley is an in-home network I looked at & really liked-- we are also on a waiting list there!). There are some fabulous ones, but they also have less reliability than a center. I used an in-home DCP when we lived in NJ and had such a good experience that I wanted to find one I found a place I loved, loved the woman & her philosophy...and then after two weeks she told me she didn't have the time to work with my daughter's separation anxiety and I was out of a DCP that same day, which was really tough.

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  • We use an in-home DCP in Hilliard and we absolutely love her!  She may have an opening in November, so if you're interested let me know.  We also looked at a few centers, La Petite at Polaris and the Goddard school.  We liked both and are probably going to put our son in one of these centers for Pre-school.
  • I knew someone that used to work at the Goddard school.  They weren't following all the state laws the govern daycare centers.  She quit after getting resistance from the owners to follow the laws.  She's a very "by the book" type, so I totally trust her.

    The Gathering Place on Gemini Pkwy in the Polaris area is wonderful but pricey.

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  • I do not recommend Little Dreamers Big Believers.
  • Do you mind expanding on why you don't recommend Little Dreamers?  I had heard great things about them and toured the facility and got a good impression.  We're signed up to start in October.  I hadn't heard anything bad about them and I'd like to get your opinion if you don't mind.  TIA.


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