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2 mos vaccines and formula question

LO just got back from her 2 mos checkup. All looked ok, but the pedi put her on Similac Alimentum to see if it helps with her colic and gas. Last night I found and ever so small trace of blood in her stool for the first time and I was alarmed. She has been having trouble pooping and we have been trying to remedy it with Karo syrup. Since the pedi couldn't get a stool sample I need to provide one next stool to check for milk protein allergy. My question is for those whose LOs are on Alimentum. Is there anything I should look for to see if it is working? She is colic and extremely gassy (to the point where she wakes herself up grunting).

Also, what is NOT normal after 2 mos vaccines? She seems ok but a bit fussy and sleepy. When should I worry?


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Re: 2 mos vaccines and formula question

  • My DD has been on Similac Alimentum since she left the hospital.  She has spit up issues and so they tried her on 2 other formulas before Alimentum and since she has been on that she has not had any issues.  She will poop once to twice a day and it is the typical green color.  She does grunt a bit when she goes but all babies do when they poop.  Now she still has a little gas but it is not a daily occurance and we give her Gripe Water to help with that and any stomach ache that may also be associated.  You will prob just start to nitice she is not as gassy and if she may even have less trouble going poop when she does.  My DD does not strain by any means but she will give a couple grunts to let it all loose.

    Now as far as the 2 month vaccines my DD got hers last Thursday at about 2pm.  By the time I ran errands and got home about 5pm she had a bit of a fever so I gave her some Infant Tylenol which took that away.  After that she ate and napped until about 7 but woke up crying pretty bad as if her legs hurt.  So I carried her around the house just talking to her and holding her right at her bottom and her legs huge free against me and she went to sleep.  It was too early to give her more Tylenol at 7.  Luckily she slept the rest of the night and was fine the next morning.  Hope that helps.

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  • Our daughter has been on Alimentum for about 5 weeks now.  I do not think that she has a milk allergy - just general colic and issues with gas and digestion.  Because of that, I'm not sure that it is the Alimentum that made a difference or simply her digestve system becoming more developed.  Since you actually saw blood in the stool, I'm guessing your LO probably DOES have an allergy and should see some noticeable relief from the colic within about 72 hours.  Either way, you should see things changing for the better as each week goes by.  We also use Colic Calm, which *seems* to help, but not entirely sure.  It is homeopathic, but FDA regulated so (to me) seemed safer than other gripe waters.

    As for the shots, I just gave infant Tylenol (equivalent) right after the appointment and 4 hours later.  I know they say to wait and see, but if I got four shots I'd be miserable.  She was more tired and just slept longer in the afternoon, but nothing else to note.

     Good luck with the colic - I feel your pain!  It is so hard, but it does get better.  Hopefully the Alimentum will work for you... 

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  • Can't help you on the first question, but on 2 mo. vaccines:

    Personally, I would not give Tylenol just to give it.  I would wait to see if your LO develops a fever or acts like she's sore.  Mine had no symptoms at all.  I had Infant Triaminic ready to go if needed, but I never had to give it. 

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